The FBI Closely Monitored Michael Jackson for 10 Years Doesn't Quite Add up, and Here's Why

The Michael Jackson propaganda and misinformation troll factory on Twitter has been aggressively regurgitating a story which is predominantly aimed at the recent documentary, Leaving Neverland, and of course James and Wade.

In an ever so predictable attempt to silence and discredit those who accuse their beloved angel of wrongdoing, this time the Jackson troll factory has resorted to claiming that the FBI closely monitored Jackson over a 10 year or more period and found no signs of child molestation. This isn't exactly new material, by the way.

But did the FBI really monitor Jackson?

Well, let's first try to understand what the FBI are and what their job is.

This is a direct quote from their website: "The FBI is an intelligence-driven and threat-focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities. It is the principal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Justice and a full member of the U.S. Intelligence Community. The FBI has the authority and responsibility to investigate specific crimes assigned to it and to provide other law enforcement agencies with cooperative services, such as fingerprint identification, laboratory examinations, and training. The FBI also gathers, shares, and analyzes intelligence, both to support its own investigations and those of its partners and to better understand and combat the security threats facing the United States."

In a nutshell, the FBI gather intelligence, investigate specific crimes, and work in conjunction with with other law enforcement agencies.

I think it's safe to say that the FBI has collected decades worth of evidence profiling criminals, which could be anything from murderers, terrorists and child molesters.

In fact, I would imagine the FBI (in conjunction with other agencies) put together the characteristics of a textbook pedophile and the tell-tale signs you should look out for.

For example:

  • They are often fascinated with children and child activities appearing to prefer those activities to adult oriented activities.
  • They will often refer to children in pure or angelic terms using descriptive words like innocent, heavenly, and divine.
  • They have hobbies that are child-like such as collecting popular expensive toys, keeping reptiles or exotic pets, or building plane and car models.
  • Often his environment or a special room will be decorated in child-like decor and will appeal to the age and sex of the child he is trying to entice.

No, I'm not describing the characteristics of Michael Jackson. I'm describing a pedophile.

Now, of course, this is just a very small snippet of how pedophiles behave, the FBI know much, much more in-depth details.

So, if we believe Jackson's propaganda and misinformation troll factory that the FBI were stuck to him like glue for a 10 year period, and knew exactly what was going on, including the amount of boys, the time they spent alone in his private quarters, and all the grooming techniques that was used to get them there in the first place, but (they the FBI) never raised a red flag over any of it.

I am deeply concerned, aren't you?

See, the FBI's job is to protect innocent people, including children from bad people, such as pdophiles and child molesters. Why on earth did the FBI see no red flags when they witnessed so closely (allegedly at least) Jackson take boy after boy after boy into his private quarters, both at Neverland and in hotel rooms around the world.

I can't imagine a suspected terrorist who kept buying large quantities weedkiller would be seen as a keen gardener by the FBI.

Unless the cancer man from the X-Files was deliberately obscuring obscuring the truth, it's probably safe to say that the FBI did not monitor Jackson over a period of 10 years, if at all.

If they did, those x-ray glasses clearly didn't penetrate the walls of Neverland, where so much of the abuse happened.

If you need any more convincing, this is what RealMJFacts posted on Twitter:

Untrue. The FBI did not investigate MJ, even for a day. "That’s Dave Hardy, chief of the FBI’s Freedom of Information Program, who says that while FBI didn’t investigate Jackson, the files now available show the FBI working with other agencies."

Well, you can't really argue with a podcast from the FBI website, can you?

Sorry, Jacko's misinformation factory. You've yet again been exposed as a bunch of morally bankrupt social rejects.

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