Mike Smallcombe Claims He's Found Discrepancies in Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland, but Has He?

It appears that Michael Jackson's, hate filled loonies have a new Messiah in Mike Smallcombe. Smallcombe, a tabloid journalist from Newquay, Cornwall, released a pro–Jackson book titled: "Making Michael" back in 2016, and presumably sees nothing wrong with unrelated  grown men enticing unrelated children into their private quarters and bed.

Smallcombe claims to have discovered holes in the recent Leaving Neverland documentary directed by Dan Reed, and its subjects, Wade Robson, James Safechuck and their families.

This, unsurprisingly, has led to Jackson truthers frantically quoting his "findings" through social media, forums, and pretty much anywhere else, you'll find them.

But what exactly has Smallcombe allegedly uncovered, and is it truthful, or a one-sided misinformation campaign intended to create the usual doubt, confusion as well as hatred towards Jackson's accusers?

1. The train station

James Safechuck, in his civil complaint states that Jackson abused him from 1988 until 1992, when he was aged between 10 and roughly 14.

James states in the Leaving Neverland documentary that he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson in multiple locations, including the upstairs room of the train station.

Smallcombe, however, claims he's uncovered evidence that the train station did not exist until at least late 1993, which, unsurprisingly, was covered by tabloid newspapers such as the Mirror and the Sun, and pretty much anywhere else where sensational stories minus the full picture belong.

Smallcombe even claims via his Twitter account, after the story was published on the Mirror "Do you have a story to sell?" page, that he had obtained access to the Santa Barbara construction permits for the Neverland train station. Strange that he would sell or donate a story to the Mirror, before checking all the facts, but hey!

Smallcombe, most likely, enjoying the attention from Jackson truthers, has been super aggressive on Twitter promoting his alleged findings, and even challenged the Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed.

Dan Reed responded firstly by saying: "Yeah there seems to be no doubt about the station date. The date they have wrong is the end of the abuse."

This, to Smallcombe, was seen as some kind of omission by Dan Reed himself that he got it wrong. Tabloids then started posting the story with the title: "Leaving Neverland director admits James Safechuck made mistake in Michael Jackson claims", which all quoted "according to Mike Smallcombe".

Dan Reed, then posted a second tweet stating: "1. James Safechuck was at Neverland both before and after the construction of the train station there. The two still photos of the station shown in #leavingneverland were in fact taken by James, who is very clear that he was abused by Jackson in multiple places over many years."

A third: "2. #leavingneverland also makes clear that sexual contact between James and #MichaelJackson continued until James Safechuck was in his teenage years. The station at Neverland is just one of the many locations where James remembers sexual activity taking place."

He even responded to the Daily Mail by stating: "Admitted what?? Safechuck was at Neverland after the train station was completed. He even took photos of the station, we put two of these in the film. And he’s clear in the documentary that the sexual contact with Jackson continued into his teens...".

This is true, and there's no denying that James was at Neverland before and after that particular train station was built. But, as Mike Smallcombe has pointed out, James said the abuse happened between 88 and 92 in his civil complaint.

Is James Safechuck a liar?

Let's first explore the idea that James did in fact say he was molested at a location that did not exist until at least a year later after he said the abuse had stopped.

Are Jackson truthers right to call James a liar (amongst many other things), and discredit every other allegation of abuse?

The short answer is no. There is decades of research and millions of sex abuse survivors that will all validate that genuine sex abuse victims do get things wrong, including timeframes and locations.

The BBC has a great article titled: "Why sexual assault survivors forget details."

This is a direct quote from number 5:

Traumatic experiences scramble your memories: maybe you’ve misremembered what happened

"Many people who have been raped or sexually assaulted often claim to have vivid memories of certain images, sounds and smells associated with the attack – even if happened decades earlier. Yet when asked to recall exactly what time of day it was, or who and what was where at any given time – the kinds of details police and prosecutors often focus on to establish the facts of a crime – they may struggle or contradict themselves, undermining their testimony.

“There is this tragic discrepancy between what is expected within the criminal justice system and the nature of trauma memories and how people are likely to be reporting them,” says Amy Hardy, a clinical psychologist at Kings College London."

This is what Kenneth V. Lanning Former Supervisory Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  has to say on the matter of inconsistencies when it involved multiple sexual acts over an extended period:

"Allegations involving multiple acts, on multiple occasions, over an extended period of time must be evaluated in their totality and context. Cases involving longterm sexual contact with child victims who engaged in compliant behavior should not be assessed and evaluated by comparisons to cases involving isolated, forced sexual assaults. 

Indicators suggesting a false allegation in a typical rape case have little application to the evaluation of most acquaintance, child-molestation cases, especially those involving repeated access and prolonged sexual activity. Such child molestation cases are very hard to classify as either a valid or false allegation. Victim claims may include allegations that appear to be false, but that does not mean the case can be labeled in totality as “a false allegation.” 

In my experience, many valid claims of child sexual molestation, especially those by this type of child victim, involve delayed disclosures, inconsistencies, varying accounts, exaggerations, and lies often associated with false allegations. Inconsistencies in allegations are significant but can sometimes be explained by factors other than that the allegation is false. What is consistent and logical in these circumstances must be based on experience and knowledge of cases similar to the case being evaluated.

Any indicators of a potential false claim must be applicable to the type of case in question and not based on cases involving one-time, violent sexual assaults. There is a difference between an unsubstantiated/unproven allegation and a false allegation. There may be many reasons to believe the allegations are not accurate and should not sustain a conviction in court beyond a reasonable doubt, but that does not mean the allegations of sexual victimization can be labeled as totally “false.”

Labeling an allegation as false should mean nothing of a criminal/sexual nature occurred between the child victim and the alleged adult offender at any time."

Even sex abuse survivor Oprah Winfrey is ask whether her support for Leaving Neverland has wavered, since the train station date findings.

She went on to say: "You wanna know why I've not wavered?" she said. "Because I've had girls at my school who were sexually assaulted and abused, and I have never won a case. And the reason why I have never won a case is because when you put a girl on the witness stand, and she can't remember was it Thursday or Wednesday, it's automatically discredited.

"And so, when you're in the midst of trauma, some terrible things happening to you, you may not remember the exact time. It's why, if I hear like a noise or something at my house, I'll like, look at the time, 'cause they're gonna ask what time was it, 'oh my god what time is it?'".

"If you can't remember the day and the time and the dada dada, everybody's like 'Well, okay, I guess it never happened'. I've been through that, so no."

You also have to factor in the sheer size of Neverland. This was a piece of land the size of an average housing estate, full of buildings and outbuildings, a medium-sized funfair, gardens, a lake and a zoo. James was clearly there after that particular train station was built, and may have simply mixed up one location where Jackson sexually abused him. Just watch this 2017 Neverland video, and you'll be mesmerised by the sheer size of the place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHp1h5d5kgs

James, also in his civil complaint makes it quite clear that he had a close relationship with Jackson , especially after the 93 allegations by Jordan Chandler.

1995 and beyond:

It's entirely possible that James was sexually abused at least once beyond 1993, specifically at the train station, but due to the sheer complexity of child sex abuse, and James strong affection for his abuser, mixed up the dates, and thought it happened at a slightly earlier date, a date that he remembers as the most traumatic.

Did a train station exist pre-93?

We don't know for certain whether a train station with an upstairs room did not exist between James's timeframe of abuse, despite Jackson truthers desperate attempts to find documentation and photos to say otherwise.

Information from a Spanish Jackson fan website (lacortedelreydelpop.com) reveals, that there was, in fact, two miniature trains that ran at Neverland. The first one was installed by Rob Swinson on October 30, 1990. This MTV video shows the train on tracks in 1993. This smaller train ran through the heart of Neverland, including the funfair and zoo.

A second, larger train built in 1973, was originally used at Carowinds Park in Paramount, North Carolina. In April, 1993, Jackson purchase this train and had it extensively modified to his liking.

This second, larger train was installed on November 20, 1993, six months after Jackson had purchased it. A new track had to be laid and modified, due to friction in the corners. This train ran on a relatively straight piece of track right across the top of Neverland for approximately 1 mile before circling back on itself. Footage from this YouTube video shows that train even went through a artificial tunnel, before returning to the 93/94 main train station.

To my knowledge, this train couldn't run on the tracks of the smaller train, or vice versa.

So, the truth is that a train did exist from at least autumn 1990, which then got joined by a grander and larger model in late 1993. 

Smallcombe posted planning permission that was granted in September, 93, but it's pretty obvious this station was only built to accommodate the new train that had been installed that year.

The Chippewa Herald Telegram published an article dated Tuesday, December 14, 1993, showing a black-and-white image of the main Neverland train station being built. However, the same image in colour can also be found on CBSNews.com, which only states it was taken in 1993. It's not known who, how or when the photograph was taken, or whether it was provided by Jackson himself. Since the permit was only issued in early/mid September 93, it seems unrealistic that the train station was that substantial in size, and nearing completion in just 3 months. Hiring contractors and the building materials can take months by themselves.

Smallcombe posted an image from getty images, which states its from from August 25, 1993, showing no train station, only a floral clock. However, ask yourself why a floral clock with two staircases was in that particular position along with the foundations for the train track itself. Why were they built before the September planning permit had been issued?

Getty Images has a "created" date, rather than this was the precise day this photograph was taken. There are no requirements to enter an accurate "created" date on Getty Images. In fact, I found a photograph of a young black Michael Jackson, which has the created date of 22 November, 1990 on the site. Steven D Starr who took the photograph in question also took several other aerial photographs of Neverland all with the same date. This is back in the days before SD cards, so those photographs at the very least, would have been processed, which may have taken days, weeks, maybe even years.

Steven D Starr also took a photograph of the Neverland fairground, where in the background, you can clearly see the foundations for the train track. This photograph has a created date of 25 August 1993. However, there is also another near identical photograph that was taken by Laura Luongo with a created date of October 8, 1991, which also shows the fairground with the foundations for the train track in the background.

This is nearly a two-year difference, and the foundation for that particular train track simply should not exist in 1991. Either Getty Images is wildly inaccurate with its "created" date or it proves that the foundations, the track and the station were all being prepared and built before the September 93 permit.

See the original pictures here: (picture 1) (picture 2)

After the above was posted, I found this from a reddit user. It's a map of Neverland, complete with a newspaper article from June 1993.

It could confirm that the main Neverland train station did in fact exist in 1993 or earlier, well before its official unveiling in the first half of 1994.

Here's a full picture of the map without the newspaper: https://imgur.com/a/n6VekPt

Here's a video from the guys at Neverland who won the contest in 1993: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEHWqPWgb60

Here's the bio of Randy Argue who confirms he was a guest on MTV’s special, “Weekend at Michael’s Place" in 1993: http://www.argueproductions.com/bio

And most importantly, here's the eBay listing stating its from June 1993. Though I can't 100% confirm it is from this time period, is highly likely that these maps would have been given out to special guests. http://archive.fo/iRU89

The map actually lists several train stations, though most of these are probably nothing more than a gazebo style shelter, rather than any major building as a below picture shows. 

It does however, say that number 8 is the main train station. Number 8, just happens to be a stone throw away from the main house, and Neverland Lake.

The picture that Smallcombe posted from getty images is allegedly from 25th August 93, but it matches perfectly with the map from June 93. You can clearly see the lake, the main house, the roads and the site of the train station, is exactly where the floral clock is.

Building is a messy industry and landscaping is always traditionally done last for obvious reasons. It wouldn't make any logical sense to build a beautiful floral clock made of real plants, along with two staircases, before the local council had even approved the plans for the structure itself. The fact that you can clearly see the concrete foundation that the track is laid on, and signs that the ground has been disturbed strongly indicates that this site was used well before the new larger train came into service.

Two books mention a train station in 1990

Ironically, the Mirror, the same tabloid that Smallcombe has been selling/donating his stories to, have published a story that could validate that a train station did exist at Neverland prior to 93.

A book titled: "Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson" which has a paragraph that states: "Reporters invited to tour Neverland at the 1990 public unveiling most often began by inspecting the towering statue of Mercury (the Roman God of profit, trade and commerce) in the drive of the mansion...Then climbed a hill out back that led to a near replica of the Main Street train station at Disneyland, with a floral clock that was more magnificent than the one Walt Disney had designed for his own park."

In another book titled: "In Remembering The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days." Former bodyguards of Jackson's, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard both describe a train station being there for the big unveiling.

They wrote: "In 1990, Michael Jackson opened the gates of his Neverland Valley Ranch to the public for the first time...Neverland's visitors entered the ranch at its train station, boarding a steam engine that took them up to the main house."


Of course, anybody writing a book may have just used data and references of what Neverland looked like in its final days, and included the train station. Jackson truthers have pointed out that the two security guards did not allegedly work for Jackson during that time period, however, they would have done their own research, and they did have inside knowledge.

If we go back to the 1993 map the two security guards may be describing the "electric train station" which is listed as number four. The electric train station is just a few metres away from the main gates of Neverland and the track is right next to it, and travels to within touching distance of the main house. However, they do describe the train as a "steam engine" and the only steam engine train was the second, larger 1993 model, not the one that used the electric train station.

The electric train station in itself is a bit of a mystery and I haven't been able to establish what it looked like. It may just be a basic gazebo style shelter, or it may have been something more substantial. It's extremely difficult to get a frame by frame picture of Neverland from the late 80s to the day it closed down. Do a Google search for the "electric train station", and you'll only get pictures of the main station.

Google Earth, however, can from 2004 confirm the presence of a building, or at least the reminiscence of one where the electric train station is listed on a 1993 map. It's impossible to say whether there is an upstairs room from the aerial photos. Fast forward to a 2006 Google aerial image, and that building no longer appears to be present. In other words, it got demolished.

Fast forward again to a 2018 higher resolution aerial photo, and you can see there's nothing where the electric train station should be and some of roads that were present, have now been covered by soil. You can also just about make out to the left of the valet house, a very small building, once again, right next to the tracks. I wonder what that is?

If you have Google Earth installed on your PC you can visit the precise site by typing in: 34°44'20.82" N 120°05'33.71" W in the search box.

Despite the electric train station only being metres away from the main (or second) gates of Neverland, I cannot find any video or photographic footage. Even if we fast forward to 2003 when Neverland was raided by the Santa Barbara and LA police, the police filmed themselves approaching the gates, yet the footage stops abruptly. This "Michael Jackson Neverland Christmas" video shows dozens of children and adults boarding the 1990 train just inside the gates, but the camera is facing the wrong way.

Trying to find video or photographic footage, especially from James's timeframe will be difficult, if not borderline impossible.

Frank Cascio, a Former Special Friend Describes a Train Station in 1993

In Frank's book titled: "My Friend Michael", he talks about his first visit to Neverland in the spring of 1993, where he describes a train station.

He went on to say: "Then, in 1993, my relationship with Michael reached a new level when, for the first time, he invited my family to visit him at his home, Neverland Ranch.

For years we’d known that Michael had been building a residence in California. Often, as he was overseeing the construction of the ranch, he would say, “You should come to Neverland. There’s a movie theater, a zoo, some amusement park rides. There are no rules at Neverland. You can do whatever you want, just relax and be free...

When we finally arrived at the gate to Neverland, we were met by security. The driver said, “We have the Cascio family here,” and the security guard opened the gate.

As if the drive from Los Angeles hadn’t been enough of an endurance challenge for six young children, once we entered the gate we still had to travel the long road up to the house. Now, though, we were, at last, in Neverland, and it truly was another world. Beautiful classical music alternating with the soundtracks from Disney movies like Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast played throughout the property. There were sycamore trees, flowers, fountains, and acres and acres of some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. The driveway curved past a train station on the right, a lake on the left. There were bronze statues of children playing, and we were surrounded by mountains on all sides. It was stunning. Neverland was by far the most magical place I’d ever been. It still is." 

Source: http://jetzi-mjvideo.com/books-jetzi-02/11mfm/11mfm02.html

Frank could be describing the Flamingo Island Train Station, which according to the Neverland map is on the right with the lake being on the left. However, that's only if the limousine driver took a right when entering the gates of Neverland and went across the lake bridge. If he had taken an alternative route and gone around the back of the lake and then onto the main road, the main train station would be on the right and the lake would be on the left. I would also question why he made no mention of the Electric Train Station, which is the first train station, you would see on the left-hand side.

Former Jackson Photographer Contradicts Mike Smallcombe

Harrison Funk, a former Jackson photographer may have inadvertently revealed that the main Neverland train station did exist before 1994 in a YouTube podcasts that was published on 10 February 2019.

Around the 2:17 mark on the video, the interviewer asks questions about the rollercoaster that was never built at Neverland. He then says: "I don't think it was built because the council never allowed planning permission." Harrison Funk then confirms he thinks that was true.

He then goes on to say: "they gave him a really hard time about the train to, and I remember when they built the train station, I went up there to photograph the property, and umm, he wasn't there, and I was up there photographing the statues. He had animals placed on the lawn in front of the train station. I was up there for three days, just photographing statues, in situ and also the train station and I get a message to call him [Jackson] and he said, don't photograph the train station. I said why and he said, just don't photograph the train station. I said okay and then he calls me back and says I need to talk to you, but can't on this line because I don't know who's listening. And apparently he didn't want the train station photographed because he put it up without a permit, initially and was fighting with the county or whatever about it being there. Of course, they let it be there. I think you know whatever he had to do to make it stay, he made it stay. It was beautiful. It was an absolutely beautiful building. I think it's still there."

The interviewers then says yes, I think it's still there.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/JmMR59CoAyA?t=8160

This, after all, could explain the rapid bill time. There's no way you could go from September to mid December 93 and have a train station that was almost complete. That's just three months.

The station, may have existed a year earlier, and whatever planning permission was published by Smallcombe was simply the final approval by the council.

Though a stupid idea, it is quite common for people to build structures without planning permission. The council can, in some cases, tell you to smash it down, or tell you to make some small alterations before they approve the plans.

Here's a great story about a man who built a castle in his garden, without planning permission: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-36445848

Whatever the truth, this directly contradicts Mike Smallcombe who is adamant there was only ever one train station, as this tweet shows.

Jackson truthers do not like the fact that Harrison Funk has thrown a spanner in the works. The latest narrative is that there were multiple planning permits, and each one had to be passed individually. In other words, Jackson kept chopping and changing the plans, until he was satisfied.

Liz Taylor's 1991 Neverland Wedding Shows the Train Station Site Being Prepared

Aerial footage from Liz Taylor's wedding on October 6, 1991, at Neverland shows the train station site. Though the footage is of a poor quality, it does briefly show what appears to be preparation. You can clearly see that the ground has been flattened, and is of a different colour to the surrounding area. Though inconclusive, there also appears to be a small structure directly in front of the tree. Could this be the start of the central column of the train station?

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/gbsq2VwnU2s?t=255

This could cooperate want Harrison Funk said, that Jackson had built a train station before the council approved the plans. If a structure existed 12 months later, whether or not it was fully completed, this is well within James's timeframe of abuse.

Inside Edition Shows the Main Train Station in an Undated Video

An interesting video originally published by Inside Edition, has appeared on YouTube titled: "Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch".

Though there is no date on this video, you can by Jackson's appearance and clothing date it between 1992 and 1994. There are several photos of Jackson in 1992, wearing the exact same clothing, one in particular alongside Brett Barnes in Denmark. However, there are also photos of Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley in 94, where he is also wearing the same clothing and has the same appearance.

One thing you can be certain about Jackson, is that he never looked the same for more than a couple of years due to his body dysmorphic disorder and obsession for cosmetic surgery.

Jackson looked completely different in 1995, as this picture shows:

Whether the video from Inside Edition is one continuous shoot that was shot on the same day, or whether it's clips that were spliced together from multiple years is unknown. All the clips of Jackson at the funfair look like they were shot on the same day, however, it never shows him at the train station, which is aerial footage.

After the above video was posted I found this video from Hard Copy featuring Diane Dimond. The video contains the same footage, give or take a few scenes, and confirms that Jackson was celebrating Martin Luther King birthday on 15 January 1994.

This video does not show the train station, however, it does show Jackson was showing off his new steam train in January 1994. Though this is just over a year outside of James's timeframe of abuse, it does confirm that invited guests were riding the new train well before spring or summer of 94, when most Jackson truthers claim it was opened for the first time.

From a health and safety point of view, I can't imagine that invited guest, mainly children would have been allowed on a train if the train station was still being constructed, considering it passed right through it.

Neverland Eyewitness Claims the Train Station Was Fully Built by the End of 1993

In a YouTube video, titled: "Michael Jackson LEAVING NEVERLAND-Interview with Shana Mangatal" a user (bolder2009) comments on Leaving Neverland by reiterating the train station wasn't built until 1994, killing any chance of its credibility. Shana Mangatal replied: "JDub 68 I’m not familiar with all of the ins and outs of these “train station” talks, but it was completed by late 1993. It was there when he got back from rehab in December 93."

That picture showing the train station in mid-December 1993 looking very un-complete could be completely false, and was taken months if not a year+ earlier.

This could yet again cooperate what Harrison Funk said in that Jackson built the main train station well before a permit was issued.

Conclusion on the train station

Evidence that one or more train station existed between 1990 and 1993 is 100% conclusive, but it's not conclusive whether one of those had an upstairs room.

The below photographs show the 1990 train in a enclosed building that appears to be a maintenance base, complete with a pit. It's not hard to imagine that building contained a small upstairs space. Perhaps, at the time this was referred to as the train station.

We don't know for certain whether James was referring to the main Neverland train station in the documentary, or whether he meant another. The editing team included aerial photos of the train station in question, as well as James's pictures, but that doesn't mean this is the station James is alleging Jackson abused him in.

Those who edit the film can only use what footage is available. Crime documentaries use footage to re-enact crimes, yet that footage will contain actors, studio footage and similar locations, rather than the actual crime scene. Dan Reed nor his production company were allowed into Neverland. All the drone aerial footage you see is taken from Sotheby's International Realty, the company who was responsible for trying to sell the ranch. You can see the archived drone footage at The Way Back Machine, where right of the end you'll see the very scene of the train station, which is featured in Leaving Neverland.

The main train station is so synonymous with Neverland, that as soon as you do a Google search that image always appears. It could be a case that the editing team believed that was the only train station within the grounds, and were completely unaware that 2 trains ran at Jackson's Neverland ranch, and stopped at multiple stations.

While writing this article, I can confirm just how difficult it is to find information about Neverland. Do a Google search for the "Neverland train station" and you always get pictures and information about the main train station, nothing else, unless you dig really deep.

This, in my opinion, is where people are barking up the wrong tree, especially Jackson truthers. We are so focused on that station, that we are forgetting that a train had been operational for years prior to that, and the track and any stations the 1990 train used would have been built months earlier.

Since no records have been produced, showing every single building that ever existed or got demolished at Neverland, it's entirely possible that a train station with an upstairs room did exist somewhere inside the grounds of Neverland. There's still a lot of mystery surrounding the floral clock, and the fact it's listed as the main train station on a 1993 map, before planning permission was even granted. Perhaps that site was once used by the smaller 1990 train, before making way for the larger and grander model.

There are so many buildings dotted around Neverland, and Google Earth even reveals that there are buildings right next to the track, that don't appear on any official Neverland map. Who's to say what building was or wasn't classed as a train station during that time period, especially when Neverland was undergoing constant changes.

Here's a prime example. The below picture is very loosely called the Neverland Castle. However, it's also called the Neverland treehouse or Castle treehouse. Do a search term for either and the same photographs come up.

There's no official train stop within the funfair section of Neverland, according to the 1993 map. The nearest is number 25, which serves the second, larger train. The smaller, 1990 train ran directly through the funfair, and right past the Castle/treehouse. Surely that train did stop within the funfair, possibly right outside that building.

James does identify this site as a place of abuse, just before mentioning the train station in Leaving Neverland. However, it's strange that this building is not listed on the 1993 map, proving that not every building had an official name, or chopped and changed through the years.

If we go back to Kenneth V. Lanning's Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis and inconsistencies in timeframes and locations made by genuine child sex abuse survivors, you could argue that James was molested in this castle, but because this building was only feet away from the train track, and did have a train stopping or going by that when you factor in post-traumatic stress disorder his memories from 25+ years lead him to believe he was molested in a castle and a train station, when in fact they may have been the same building.

There's no point questioning whether this building had an upstairs room, as you can clearly see it did.

Here's the same structure, at an earlier time period when it was surrounded by fairground rides.

According to Brad Sundberg, a engineer and technical director for nearly 18 years, this building was used by Jackson to hold meetings, and even contained equipment to run the nearby rides. He went on to say: "The castle in the amusement park was one of my favorite structures. It offered a large balcony to see all over the center of the ranch, plus a nice office where Michael often held meetings with us to discuss new ideas for attractions at the ranch. Hidden out of sight from the guests below the office was a large equipment room where we housed many of our amplifiers and power panels required to operate the rides."


Maybe James Meant the "Train Room" Not the Train Station

An interesting article originally published January 9, 1992 by Rolling Stone describes Jackson's Neverland ranch in detail. Within the article it mentions a "train room" which is accessed by going up a narrow staircase. This room contained model Lionel train sets and other equipment.

This is a direct quote from the website: "A narrow staircase leads up to the train room, half of which is filled with an elaborate Lionel set. In addition to the trains on the track, there are more in unopened boxes on the floor. Another part of the room is covered with race-car tracks. Standing against the walls are larger than life Bart Simpson cardboard cutouts and Roger Rabbit displays, along with an E.T. video display packed with copies of the tape. Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse and Bambi quilts lie on the floor. “The kids have slumber parties up here,” says one of Jackson’s employees as he takes me through the house."

Source: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/michael-jackson-the-making-of-the-king-of-pop-240783/

This is within James's timeframe of abuse, and the article confirms it's an upstairs room where Jackson had "slumber parties" with children.

Again, factor in post-traumatic stress disorder and James's memories may have simply muddled up a "train room" with the main Neverland train station.

In my opinion, I believe James is telling the truth and was molested in a building that was referred to as the train station at Neverland between 90 and 92. The confusion comes from the planning permission that was granted in September 93, but that doesn't mean a building next to the tracks with an upstairs room didn't exist somewhere within the grounds.

I do find it strange that no builders who were involved in the construction of the main train station, or gardeners who were responsible for maintaining that beautiful floral clock or basically anybody who has no reason to defend or kiss Jackson's arse, hasn't come forward and said yes, I can confirm that train station did not exist until the latter part of 1993. We also do not know when James took the 2 still photographs of the main train station. If it was in 94 or 95, then making an honest mistake about historical sexual abuse, especially if the worst of it stopped in late 1992, isn't in itself a good reason to believe James is lying, when we are only talking about a measly 1 or 2 years out of sync.

You also have to factor in that when Jackson first bought the ranch in 1987, there was very little there except for the main house, a lake and a handful of buildings and landscaped gardens. The below photograph from flickr.com shows Neverland ranch in January 1989 with no funfair, zoo or train station in sight.

This is what Neverland Ranch looked like just a few years later.

James was one of the very first boys who witnessed Neverland being developed into this enormous child's paradise. When he describes abuse outside of the main house at Neverland, he's always talking about early to mid 1990 onwards, since nothing really existed before then. James literally witnessed the funfair, the zoo, the train station and everything in between being built. The odds that James would missidentify a site of abuse, or misremember his exact end of abuse date is far greater than the average victim of sexual abuse.

James Safechuck specifically states in his civil complaint that Neverland in 1988 contained little more than the main house:

"When DECEDENT purchased the Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County in 1988, Plaintiff was the first guest to stay overnight. At that time, there was no large “Neverland Ranch” sign, only the main house, pool and a trampoline."

Source: https://www.mjfacts.com/jimmy-safechuck-civil-complaint/

Again, this confirms any abuse outside of the main house always happened towards the end of James's timeframe of abuse, not "everyday" between 88 and 92 like Jackson truthers like to claim.

James, in due course, may very well clarify the train station issue. If he's made an honest mistake and misidentified the 93/94 train station as a place of abuse, or has misremembered his end of abuse time, then it's not a big deal. Inconsistencies are common, especially for those who have been abused over multiple years. Just as Kenneth V. Lanning said: "Allegations involving multiple acts, on multiple occasions over an extended period of time must be evaluated in their totality and context."

Most of all, you have to remember that nobody really knows when that particular train station was started and completed. There are no pictures or video footage of builders preparing the ground. There are no receipts of materials being ordered or delivered at Neverland. There are no records of any building inspectors from the local council inspecting the site. These are the basic elements that should prove one way or another when that train station existed, but they don't. Like those who worked on and modified the steam train, everybody who worked at Neverland had to sign a non-disclosure agreement ensuring that no details were disclosed to the outside world.

Claims from Jackson truthers that the main train station didn't open until spring or summer 94, or that Jackson didn't see it until sometime in 1995, are completely unfounded. There is undeniable evidence, that Jackson was at Neverland in January 1994, showing off his new steam train to invited guests. In my opinion, if you weigh up all the above evidence I think is highly likely that the main train station was completed before 1994.

If you're confused by what Dan Reed has tweeted, you have to remember he had been touring America and Europe, promoting his documentary, and had been subjected to the propaganda and misinformation machine that is the Michael Jackson worshipper. He himself, obviously believed that James's timeframe of abuse went on longer than 1992. It's an honest and simple mistake. Charles Thomson, a self-proclaimed Jackson expert for over a decade couldn't even get the simplest facts about Dan Reed's documentary correct, instead insisting James said he was molested in 88 or 89, in a building that wasn't built until 1995.

Read more about it here: https://mjnotinnocent.blogspot.com/2019/06/charles-thomson-makes-glaring-factual-inaccuracies-about-leaving-neverland.html

Update August 2019: Mike Smallcombe repeatedly claims, even through an email conversation I had with him that James Safechuck must be describing the main Neverland train station because it's featured on-screen in Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland. However, he has now completely contradicted his own logic by appearing in a pro-Jackson documentary titled: "Chase the Truth" where he discredits James's allegation that he was abused at the Neverland train station, only for the director to show a picture of the smaller CP Huntington train, which was installed in the autumn of 1990, well within James's timeframe of abuse. Not only that, both the director and Mike Smallcombe who meticulously rehearsed for the documentary, failed to realise that the train didn't match with the pictures that were presented in Leaving Neverland.

Read more about it here: https://mjnotinnocent.blogspot.com/2019/10/mike-smallcombe-contradicts-his-own-logic.html

2. Michael Jackson was on his Dangerous World Tour and lived in Trump Tower


Jackson's Dangerous World Tour ran from June 27, 1992, to November, the 11th, 93. I'm not really sure what Smallcombe is trying to imply here, presumably, that Jackson couldn't have molested James or any other boy as he wasn't at Neverland or any other location.

This appears to be a brain-dead argument, considering we know he developed a relationship with Jordan Chandler at Neverland (and other locations) in 92, and then was later accused in mid-93.

Jackson's been videoed and photographed countless times with young boys by his side, including James, touring the world, whether it was just attending an event, or a tour. After all, James was the "umbrella boy" for Jackson and Lisa Maria Presley in Budapest 94.

Flight time from New York to LA can be done in only 5-9 hours, depending on the airline, so the idea that Jackson stayed predominantly at Trump Tower, and never returned home between February and December 94, is quite frankly laughable.

If Smallcombe believes James could have only been molested at the train station in 94 or 95, then that could support that James simply muddled up the dates, as genuine sex abuse victims do, and only remembered the sexual abuse between the ages of 10 and 14, where him and Jackson were virtually inseparable.

3. James Safechuck lied about refusing to testify for Jackson in 2005


MJfacts.com has a page debunking truthers myths.


So, unsurprisingly, this is completely untrue, and James would have been allowed to testify on behalf of Jackson. Even if he wasn't allowed, this doesn't prove that Jackson never telephoned him and asked him to testify, and became angry when he refused.

What a lot of people don't know, is that Thomas Mesereau actually claimed that James Safechuck was married at Neverland to discredit a prosecution witness, as discovered by Desiree speaks...so listen in 2011.

This is a direct quote from her blog.

"During the March 17, 2005 cross-examination of reluctant Prosecution witness Kiki Fournier, an erstwhile housekeeper at the Ranch, when the topic moved to Jackson's 'special friends' and Jimmy Safechuck was among them, Mesereau brought up the detail about Jimmy's purported Neverland wedding:

2 Q. Okay. Now, the prosecutor for the
3 government asked you some questions about other
4 young boys, as he put it, that Mr. Jackson knew
5 through the years, right.
6 A. Yes.
7 Q. And would you agree that, like most people,
8 Mr. Jackson sometimes became a closer friend of some
9 families rather than others, correct.
10 A. Yes.
11 Q. And the so-called “young boys” the
12 prosecutor referred to would come with their
13 families, correct.
14 A. Yes.
15 Q. In fact, Jimmy Safechuck was married at
16 Neverland, wasn’t he. Do you remember that.
17 A. I didn’t even know he was married. 
According to Fournier, her employment at Neverland, which spanned approximately twelve years, was 'on and off'. 
24 Q. Can you tell me the time frame that you
25 worked for Mr. Jackson.
26 A. I started in September of ‘91, and worked
27 off and on till September 28th, 2003.
28 Q. Okay. When you say -- yeah, you have to
1 speak directly into that microphone so we can hear
2 you.
3 A. Okay.
4 Q. When you say “off and on,” can you give me a
5 little more specific description of what that means.
6 A. Well, I worked a couple years, and then I
7 would take some time off. I had a child back in
8 1993 also, so -- and then I would take a couple of
9 years off, and then I would go back for a couple of
10 years.
11 Q. And you said you left ultimately in
12 September of 2003.
13 A. Yes. 
Court transcript: mjfacts.com/transcripts/Court_Transcript_3_17_2005.pdf 
In later testimony, she stated she'd returned from one of her sabbaticals in December 2002 and worked until her final day in September 2003, although it is never clarified when that sabbatical was taken. Given the nature of her employment at the ranch, it becomes entirely possible that Kiki Fournier's lack of knowledge of a "Jimmy Safechuck Neverland wedding" is due to the fact that it may have occurred while she was on leave. 
And perhaps she'd been away for so long that the potential chatter about such an event had dissipated before it could migrate through the grapevine, alerting her. 
Or maybe Jimmy Safechuck was never married at Neverland. 
Good evidence does exist to reasonably suggest that Tom Mesereau fabricated the aforementioned claim (for which he failed to provide at least an approximate date), namely the fact that Jimmy Safechuck--who now refers to himself as "James"--is currently married to and has fathered a child with the same woman he'd wedded back on October 18, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois." 

Despite, claims that James Safechuck was a "nonentity", this is untrue as Jackson's lawyer claimed he got married, knowing very well that it couldn't be discredited there and then, in the courtroom. During Kiki Fournier time on the stand, James Safechuck's name is mentioned a grand total of six times.

If James really got married in his early 20s at Neverland, he would have been a valuable defence witness, considering he had spent countless nights behind closed doors with Jackson as a boy.

James has revealed, that Jackson performed a mock wedding on him as a child, both in his civil complaint and the Leaving Neverland documentary. This strongly suggests that Jackson told his lawyer that James was married at his Neverland home, but conveniently forgot to mention the marriage was to him, rather his current wife.

And remember, if James was "legally" married at Jackson's Neverland ranch, the Jackson estate lawyers would be all over it like a rash, and would have produced wedding documentation, as well as photos, by now. But they haven't.

4. Wade Robson couldn't have been molested at Neverland because he and his family were at the Grand Canyon

This is a prime example of Jackson truthers picking which bits they like and which bits they don't. They were more than happy to believe Joy Robson and Wade Robson back in 93, and 2005, but now they've changed their story, both of them are liars.

If we start from the beginning. Wade as a five-year-old boy was obsessed with Jackson and won a dance competition, which later led to him dancing on stage with his idol.

A couple years later, the Robson's went to the USA on a small road trip in their RV. Joy Robson hoping that Jackson still remembered his invitation that the family could visit him at his home if they ever came to the US, made many phone calls and eventually got through to Jackson's personal assistant, and eventually to Jackson, who invited them to his Neverland ranch for the weekend.

When the Robson's first arrived at Neverland, they were completely blown away by its beauty, and Wade's grandmother even made the comment that she thought she'd died and gone to heaven, in documentary.

When the Robson's were due to leave for the Grand Canyon in their RV, Wade, who had slept in Jackson's private quarters along with his sister alleges that Jackson started turning on the waterworks, and essentially begged him to stay. This, in itself, isn't an unrealistic claim from Wade, as Jackson did the same thing to June Chandler, when she became anxious about his one-on-one relationship with her son.

Joy had already previously met Jackson a couple years earlier in Australia when Wade won the dance competition, and would have been subjected Jackson's music and dancing for a couple years prior and after that through her son.

She may have only met Jackson, in his private domain for two days, but the chances that she had any negative feelings towards him would have been slim. If Wade wanted to stay behind with his idol, while she and the rest of the family visited the Grand Canyon for five days, would she have said no? Probably not.

Chantal Robson Wades sister confirms that Jackson had a knack for making people feel comfortable within days of meeting him.

She went on to say the following under cross examination in 2005:

23 Q. You would allow your own seven-year-old son
24 to sleep with a 35-year-old man that he has just
25 met?
26 A. If I trusted the man, yes.
27 Q. Do you think that type of trust can be
28 earned in one day? 9322
1 A. I don’t think trust is always earned.
2 Q. How do you gain trust, other than earning
3 it?
4 A. I think it’s a feeling. It’s a friend.
5 Q. Mr. Jackson’s pretty good at that, isn’t he,
6 at gaining trust? 
7 A. I don’t understand how you could say
8 somebody’s good at gaining trust.
9 Q. He makes you feel very comfortable when you
10 first meet him; isn’t that true?
11 A. I think it depends on who’s meeting him.
12 Q. Well, you felt very comfortable, true, the
13 very first day?
14 A. Well, I was his friend.
15 Q. And your mother felt very comfortable the
16 very first day, true?
17 A. My mother had already met him two years
18 prior.
19 Q. But she just met him as an acquaintance.
20 You know that, right?
21 A. They spent a lot of time together before
22 that, though.
23 Q. They had spent what?
24 A. They spent time together before that.
25 Q. On how many occasions?
26 A. Just the once when they were in Australia.
27 But she actually spent hours and had conversation
28 and got to know Michael, so she had a relationship 9323
1 prior.
2 Q. So your testimony is that your mother knew
3 you were going to be sleeping in the same bed with
4 Michael Jackson that night?
5 A. Yes.

Transcript: https://www.mjfacts.com/transcripts/Court_Transcript_5_06_2005.pdf

Most of all, you have to remember that Joy makes it quite clear that she was determined to re-unite Wade with his pop idol. Why go to all the trouble of making those phone calls, only to drag your son away to a location that would have little, if any interest for a seven-year-old.

By the time the Robson's had moved to the USA, is quite clear that Jackson had complete control over Joy, and even financially rewarded her for one-on-one access to her son.

From the 2005 trial transcripts:

13 Q. Okay. Now, you received another -- you
14 received actually a loan from Mr. Jackson for
15 $10,000 in 1992, correct?
16 A. Yes.
17 Q. You never paid that one back?
18 A. No.
19 Q. And did you receive another loan from Mr.
20 Jackson after the record contract was signed?
21 A. I don’t think so.
22 Q. Do you recall telling an investigator that
23 you had gotten a loan from Mr. Jackson for $10,000
24 and you tried to buy a car? Do you remember that?
25 A. He paid -- he paid for the balance of the
26 car.
27 Q. Mr. Jackson did?
28 A. Yes.
1 Q. That was $10,000?
2 A. Yes.

Joy Robson received $20,000 from Jackson, half of which was used to buy a car.

3 Q. Now, in December of 1993, after the
4 allegations with Jordan Chandler had surfaced, Mr.
5 Jackson came back to the United States, correct?
6 A. Yes.
7 Q. And on -- to your knowledge, on the very
8 first night he was back he called your son, correct?
9 A. He called me.
10 Q. He called you?
11 A. I think so. From memory.
12 Q. Do you remember testifying that you weren’t
13 at the house when the call was made, that you were
14 out with some ladies?
15 A. I do remember reading that, I’m sorry.
16 Q. So you weren’t there?
17 A. Possibly.
18 Q. You came home, and then both of you, late in
19 the night, drove to Neverland Valley Ranch, correct?
20 A. Correct.
21 Q. When you got to Neverland Valley Ranch, it
22 was about 1:30 in the morning, correct?
23 A. Correct.
24 Q. When you got there, you went to the guest
25 quarters and your son went to Mr. Jackson’s bedroom,
26 correct?
27 A. I don’t remember where I slept, but he did
28 go to Michael’s bedroom.
1 Q. But he went inside the house?
2 A. Yes.
3 Q. Where was your son going to school when
4 school started in September of 1993?
5 A. I think he was doing home schooling by then.

Even though this is a few years ahead of Wade, first meeting Jackson, its quite clear that Joy was prepared to do anything for him, even delivering her son at 1:30 AM in the morning to his bedroom.

You also have to factor in, that when Jackson was accused by Jordan Chandler, Wade and James both received visits by Jackson's lawyers where they and their families were put through their paces, and essentially told what they should and shouldn't say.

It was the same in 2005, where Wade, his sister and mother all stayed at Neverland, and would have been coached by Thomas Mesereau, as well as Jackson.

Another example that Jackson had Joy Robson well-trained is when she is asked whether her son ever acted in a manner that would be unacceptable if it was in any other place other than Neverland.

5 Q. With regard to the conduct of your son when
6 he was on the ranch, did he get carried away, do 
7 things there that he didn’t do other places in terms
8 of manners?
9 A. No. 10 
Q. He was perfectly --  
11 A. My son was always respectful, always 
12 considered it a privilege to be there. 
13 Q. Did he ever do anything that you would think 
14 that would not be a good thing to do? 
15 A. Not that I’m aware of.
16 Q. Are you aware that he was throwing pebbles 
17 or rocks at the lions with Mr. Jackson? 
18 A. I think that’s been paraphrased. I think
19 what they did is they threw them at the cage, not 
20 the lion. 
21 MR. SNEDDON: Move to strike as 
22 nonresponsive, Your Honor. 
24 Q. BY MR. SNEDDON: So you make a distinction 
25 between throwing them at the cage and the lion 
26 itself? 
27 A. Absolutely. They were just trying to make 
28 the lion roar. All it did was make a noise. 9243

Transcript: https://www.mjfacts.com/transcripts/Court_Transcript_5_06_2005.pdf

Joy will not accept that her son nor Jackson were acting inappropriately, and tries to play the whole thing down by claiming they were only throwing stones at the cage, rather than directly at the lion. However, is quite clear that Jackson, with a Wade under his responsibility, were deliberately trying to provoke a caged wild animal into a frenzy, which is layman's terms is animal cruelty.

Joy Robson, herself, made some strange and heartbreaking decisions. She moved herself, her daughter and Wade to the USA, while leaving behind her eldest son, husband and parents in Australia. Joy was determined to start a new and successful life in America, and Jackson played a big part in that.

If she stated that she took the entire family, including Wade to the Grand Canyon, it's highly likely that she would have been encouraged to say this, not just the cover Jackson's back, but her own dubious parenting skills.

Joy, up until quite recently, had no reason to believe that Jackson was a child molester who molested her son over a seven-year period. Joy, was even the one who told Wade if Jackson did nothing bad to you, it's your moral duty to defend him in 2005.

Joy was clearly very fond of Jackson and was in awe of him for a long time, even though she witnessed Wade being replaced by younger boys.

But, did Joy even say she took Wade to the Grand Canyon?

This is a cropped screenshot that Mike Smallcombe posted on his own Twitter feed. There's no link to the original, so I can't tell which bits he's left out.

It mentions, her "whole family" but does that mean everybody, including uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces and nephews? Probably not. So, you can see how easy the "whole family" phrase can be abused by Jackson truthers. At the bottom of the cropped screenshot it says "Never. My son has never been to the ranch without me this year." So, all that means is that Joy always personally took Wade to Neverland, but doesn't specify whether she would then leave him unattended with Jackson, or Neverland staff that year.

If the Robson's were touring the USA (or a small part of it), why did they stay at Neverland for just two days, and then go to the Grand Canyon, only to return again on the weekend? Would Joy have really denied her son the chance to spend a whole week with his idol at a place that was soon to become a child paradise, or did she only return to pick him back up?

The fact that they did return, also strongly indicates that Jackson was continuously there for nine or more days. So, there can't be any excuses that Jackson wasn't there, or out of the country, as the truthers like to claim.

Wade Said He Stayed about a Week in the 2005 Trial Transcripts

In the 2005 trial molestation transcripts Wade confirms he first visited Neverland with his family in 1989, and stayed roughly for one week, not two weekends. There is absolutely no mention of the Grand Canyon.

20 Q. Did you spend much time at Neverland?
21 A. Yeah. Spent a lot of time, yeah.
22 Q. When do you think you first went to
23 Neverland?
24 A. It was right after that visit. I’m pretty
25 sure it was that night that we went, my whole family 
26 went to the ranch. And, you know, we stayed for, I
27 don’t know, about a week or something like that.
28 Q. And approximately what year do you think you 9094
1 first went to Neverland, Mr. Robson?
2 A. That was 1989. 
3 Q. Okay. And who did you go to Neverland with 4 the first time? 
5 A. Went with my mother, my sister, my father, 
6 and my grandfather, grandmother. 
7 Q. And how long did you stay during that first 
8 visit?
9 A. I think it was about a week. 
10 Q. And after you spent a week at Neverland, 
11 what did you do?
12 A. Went back to Australia.


Of course, all of this is a moot point by Mike Smallcombe because the entire point of Leaving Neverland is to explain why Wade defended his abuser, how he was groomed and seduced into a sexual relationship and why he falsely denied it from a seven-year-old up until his early 30s. Wade nor his family are not denying that they falsely defended Jackson in the past, even under oath.

Whatever his mother said in the past was based on the belief that Wade was just sharing a bedroom and bed with Jackson, and absolutely nothing untoward was going on. This is something that Jackson truthers can't seem to grasp.


Mike Smallcombe is behaving like he has scored the winning goal in the Champions League final, and doesn't appear to be a "journalist" interested in acknowledging that dates and locations can often be mixed up by sex abuse victims, or that whatever the Robson's said in the past, may not have been the truth. Instead, he's been actively retweeting tabloid stories that Dan Reed "admitted" that he got it wrong, even though this is far from the truth. He's even retweeted, Piers Morgan, which reeks of desperation.

In fact, Smallcombe seems rather peeved that no reputable new sources are covering his story. He sent the following tweet to the Guardian: "The fabrications in the documentary have now been reported globally. Any chance of you reporting on this and balancing some of that rather partisan coverage of yours, @guardian? Get in touch, it's not too late."

Smallcombe did an ever so brief interview on 7 April on an Australian breakfast show (sunriseon7), where he appears to come across as being impartial and even sympathetic towards the complexity of sex abuse, by claiming he cannot be certain that Wade and James are lying about the whole story, even though he has his doubts.

However, Smallcombe is making no attempt to tone down his claims, nor does he appear to be interested in offering a more balanced and full picture.

He claims he's not making any money from his findings or his 2016 book, yet he's attracted thousands of new followers on Twitter, and appears more than happy that these hate filled individuals are spamming the hell out of anybody who speaks positively of Leaving Neverland and Wade and James, with his findings.

We all know that Leaving Neverland has been under the firing cosh by Jackson loonies ever since it was announced. Everything possible was done to try and prevent its release, including intimidation and legal action by the family. HBO, Channel 4, and pretty much anybody who's supported the documentary and its subjects, Wade Robson and James Safechuck have been attacked.

Sadly, Smallcombe appears to be just another Jacko loony, whose trying his best to muddy the waters, while conveniently ignoring that Jackson spent hundreds (if not thousands) of nights in bed with young boys, displayed all the characteristics of a textbook acquaintance child molester, and openly lied to millions of people when questioned about distinctive markings on his penis, and owning naked boy books recommended by NAMBLA in 1995.

If Smallcombe isn't a Jacko loony, perhaps he would like to explain why he venomously wants to defend a man who slept with unrelated boys, and still did it after being accused of molesting them.

Any civilised human being can see that Jackson's behaviour was extremely questionable, and something that wouldn't be supported if it was the average guy down the street. This whole thing, especially the train station, is a prime example that Jackson worshippers are some of the nastiest and most disgusting human beings on this planet. They'd rather find holes in James and Wade's allegations, than admit that Jackson was a deeply flawed man.


  1. It's a possibility that Thomas Mesereau had another JS in mind, when talking about a wedding at Neverland:
    "In 1997, Jonathan married at Neverland, but Michael wasn’t able to come to the wedding, because he was on the road for the HIStory tour."


  2. Questions by Thomas Mesereau were directed at Kiki Fournier a former housekeeper, who worked at Neverland between 1991 and 2003. Jonathan Spence's relationship with Jackson ended in 1987. Kiki Fournier never laid eyes on Jonathan, at least not as a boy. The chances of Thomas Mesereau making such an error, would be slim, and the fact that Jackson never corrected him, despite sitting next to him through the entire trial, raises more questions than answers.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ak6446Vzcw&t=1501s
    Shana Mangatal in answer to a poster named "bolder2009" Shana wrote that the train station was completed before December 1993 when MJ returned from rehab.


This blog is about investigating Michael Jackson's questionable behaviour, and recognising the complexity of child sex abuse. You'll gain nothing from this blog if you're a Michael Jackson stan, who sees nothing wrong with a grown man having one-on-one sleepovers with unrelated children.

Therefore, ensure that all comments are civilised and on-topic. Misinformation or abuse directed at Michael Jackson's survivors will not be tolerated.