Charles Thomson Makes Glaring Factual Inaccuracies regarding the Neverland Train Station and James Safechuck's Timeframe of Abuse

I'll be honest, I'm not that familiar with Charles Thomson. Sure, I've heard his name many times, and there's no doubt he's a Michael Jackson truther, and all-round obsessive fan.

The 30+ something year old "journalist" is popular within the I support unrelated man/boy sleepover community, and if you doubt Jackson's innocence on social media or forums, there's no doubt you'll eventually be spammed with one of his videos, or articles.

Do a quick search on YouTube, and you'll come across tons of Charles Thomson videos, the most recent ones, unsurprisingly, criticising Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland, and its subjects Wade Robson and James Safechuck. In fact, Charles Thompson is so brazen in his support for Michael Jackson that his moral compass saw nothing wrong with giving an interview with John Ziegler, a 911 conspiracy theorist and open sympathiser of convicted child molester, Jerry Sandusky. Hmm?

One sticking point within the documentary, and something that's been fully weaponised by Jackson truthers is the main Neverland train station and James's timeframe of abuse between 88 and 92. This train station hadn't received planning permission until September 1993, and despite unintentional claims by Jackson's former photographer, Harrison Funk, that Jackson built it without a permit, initially, it probably (though not conclusively) didn't exist in any substantial form until the latter part of 1993.

Just like Mike Smallcombe, who uncovered the planning permit, Charles Thomson himself displays chronic misconceptions and ignorance around the complexity of child sex abuse, and inconsistencies in timeframes and locations made by genuine survivors.

In a ever so brief 1:08m YouTube video, titled: "Truth Be Told Panel Charles Thomson" published on 6 June 2019, he drops a number of clangers, and proves that he a self-proclaimed Jackson "expert" couldn't even get the simplest of facts from a 4 hour documentary correct.

In the video he states: "what do you do when somebody makes an allegation and the other side is not responding or not able to respond? So, there are 2 things you do. The first thing you do is investigate, and Leaving Neverland did not investigate, because there are massive glaring factual inaccuracies in that documentary, it's full of them. You got a kid saying he was molested in 88 or 89, in a building that was not built until 1995."

Charles is then told that time is running out, but goes on to say: "I'm not going to list everything, but it's teeming with errors, massive errors. So then what do you do? If you have not investigated you go to the other side for balance. They didn't do that either. And the filmmaker [Dan Reed] gave a ridiculous excuse that I included Michael Jackson's denials when he was alive, except he never denied these allegations because these guys never accused him until he was dead. You have lawyers who have been litigating with these guys for 5 years."

The video then ends abruptly.

Charles Thomson, perhaps high on his own narcissism appears to be the one who's making making massive glaring factual inaccuracies, rather than Dan Reed or James Safechuck.

First and foremost, James Safechuck, in the 4 hour documentary makes no mention of when he was abused in the train station. His exact words are: "At the train station, there's a room upstairs, and we would have sex up there, too. It would happen every day. It sounds sick, but it's kind of like when you're first dating somebody, right, and you do a lot of it". James is also describing other Neverland locations within that sentence, for the record.

Secondly, the train station was already substantial in size by the end of 1993, and fully completed by the summer of 1994, at least according to Mike Smallcombe.

You can read my full analyst of the train station here:

Thirdly, Leaving Neverland isn't limited to just allegations against Jackson. It documents how Jackson chose and befriended James and Wade and their families, how he became an integral part of their lives, before eventually losing interest and moving onto new and younger boys. These are facts that can be backed up with court documents, photographs and video footage.

Dan Reed has always stated that Leaving Neverland is about James and Wade, how they met Jackson, how Jackson groomed and seduced them into sexual contact and why they defended their abuser both publicly and under oath for so long. It's not a case of he did no research whatsoever, he did, in fact, start off the entire process by interviewing former detectives and those involved in investigating Jackson in the 93 and 2005 case.

If any of the Jackson's or former lawyers were invited to offer their opinion in the documentary, it would be the same scripted and limited response that Jackson was a wonderful man, all his accusers are motivated by money, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, let's refocus and move back onto Charles Thomson and his glaring factual inaccuracies. This is a "journalist" who thinks that James Safechuck, a man who states he was abused over a four-year period over 25 years ago, in a place bigger than most housing estates containing a minimum of 50 to 100 different buildings and structures couldn't somehow misidentify a site of abuse, or misremember his end of abuse timeframe by 1 to 2 years.

Well, guess what, Charles, you somehow screwed up big time, and couldn't even get your facts straight from a 4 hour documentary that was aired in March 2019. You, along with Mike Smallcombe call yourselves "journalist", yet you appear to be the only two who have never heard of inconsistencies in timeframes and locations made by genuine sex abuse survivors.

This is what Kenneth V. Lanning Former Supervisory Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has to say on the matter of inconsistencies when it involved multiple sexual acts over an extended period, Mr Charles Thomson:

"Allegations involving multiple acts, on multiple occasions, over an extended period of time must be evaluated in their totality and context. Cases involving longterm sexual contact with child victims who engaged in compliant behavior should not be assessed and evaluated by comparisons to cases involving isolated, forced sexual assaults. 

Indicators suggesting a false allegation in a typical rape case have little application to the evaluation of most acquaintance, child-molestation cases, especially those involving repeated access and prolonged sexual activity. Such child molestation cases are very hard to classify as either a valid or false allegation. Victim claims may include allegations that appear to be false, but that does not mean the case can be labeled in totality as “a false allegation.” 

In my experience, many valid claims of child sexual molestation, especially those by this type of child victim, involve delayed disclosures, inconsistencies, varying accounts, exaggerations, and lies often associated with false allegations. Inconsistencies in allegations are significant but can sometimes be explained by factors other than that the allegation is false. What is consistent and logical in these circumstances must be based on experience and knowledge of cases similar to the case being evaluated.

Any indicators of a potential false claim must be applicable to the type of case in question and not based on cases involving one-time, violent sexual assaults. There is a difference between an unsubstantiated/unproven allegation and a false allegation. There may be many reasons to believe the allegations are not accurate and should not sustain a conviction in court beyond a reasonable doubt, but that does not mean the allegations of sexual victimization can be labeled as totally “false.”

Labeling an allegation as false should mean nothing of a criminal/sexual nature occurred between the child victim and the alleged adult offender at any time."

Here's a more simplified version why sexual assault survivors forget details, Mr Charles Thomson:


The most hypocritical thing about Charles Thomson is that he isn't exactly a journalistic novice when it comes to historical child sex abuse. He, along with his colleagues at Yellow Advertiser, a free weekly Essex-based newspaper obtained financial records released under the Freedom of Information Act which revealed ten compensation payouts by Essex Council for "alleged abuse" in the 1970s and 1990s. He even states on his own website that "his investigation has inspired multiple victims to report their abuse for the first time and has led to at least one arrest."

Charles, however, displays chronic misconceptions about child sex abuse, or at the very least freely chooses to when it comes to Michael Jackson's accusers. That is on full display in the above video and he doesn't just try and twist the words of James Safechuck, or leave out important facts about inconsistencies, but strongly implies both men are financially motivated to lie by litigating with lawyers, even though as a "journalist" he was directly involved in publishing stories about cover-ups and compensation to genuine sexual abuse survivors.

Welcome to the world of Jacko's Wackos.

August update: the argument that James must have been describing the main Neverland train station, because it's featured on-screen in Leaving Neverland, now appears to be untenable after Mike Smallcombe completely contradicted his own logic by appearing in a pro-Jackson documentary, where he and the director used a picture of the smaller CP Huntington train, which was installed in 1990, while attempting to discredit James's abuse story at the train station.

Read more about it here:


  1. Charles Thomson used to publish a blog called the Lowly News Hound which he deleted after MJ's death. He was supposedly "too critical" of MJ.

  2. As I said, the decision about how anyone feels - if anything, about Charles Thomson, is for each individual to make. I am not sure that the degree of amusement elusive moonwalker seems to find in all this, is warranted however.

    Following the link that was sent to me ( re mjssfljunky,) unearthed alarming harassment and a disturbing history of MUZIKfactory2's behaviour on the web. Yet, this is the person we are now supposed to believe has 'exposed' Charles Thomson?

    What exactly has been exposed? As TwistedVision, Thomson seems to be expressing frustration at some of MJ's choices, and he does it in an uncompromising - some would say - harsh way. However, these opinions were shared on a private forum for members only and never intended for public consumption. They were also written three years ago. Most importantly, they were written before Michael died.

    No-one could have anticipated that.

    What Mr Thomson felt three years ago about MJ's image and life choices is not important. But the work he has produced for public view - is.

    Here is a comment written by Thomson as 'TwistedVision' that was strangely omitted by MUZIKfactory2 in her travels back to the past:

    Excerpt from MJSTAR.COM

    by ruue » Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:46 pm

    TwistedVision wrote:

    " Interesting.. Bruce Swedien said in recent years that MJ owed him money and that he thought MJ could be a paedophile.

    Quite a U-turn. Perhaps MJ should think twice before trusting this backstabber. "


    He also wrote under the name "Twisted Vision" that Bruce Swedien thought that MJ "could be a paedo."


    13-06-2010, 01:48 PM
    I'm all for the truth coming out of Michael Jackson's innocence. However, one needs to do more research. For example, Thomson thinks sodium amytal was used on J. Chandler. No, sodium amytal was used as an excuse to keep J. Chandler out of Sneddon's hands. There is a U.S. law that states once it is known that someone has been given sodium amytal, their testimony in court is rendered inadmissible. This is because courts cannot differentiate between what is real memory and was is fake memory (which is what sodium amytal creates "a false memory") and courts supposedly do not want to risk someone's freedom by putting said person on the stand to testify against the defendant. Chandler's lawyer most likely knew of this law and used it.
    The Chandler's had no interest in cooperating with Sneddon. Therefore, the admittance of the use of the drug by E. Chandler to J. Chandler was a way they could keep J. Chandler off the stand and Sneddon's case went kaput. Also very important to note is that two grand jury's (one in SB County and the other in L.A ) refused to hand down a criminal indictment against Michael Jackson. Chandler wanted the cash, and unfortunately got it through an insurance company after dropping the actual abuse allegation citing "neglect" instead. So, no sodium amytal was ever used on the boy. Chandler's got the money, Michael got the stigma and the hell from media accusing him of settling and insinuating his guilt every chance they could and still do...just thought I'd make a few facts more clear.
    Staffordshire Bullterrier
    13-06-2010, 01:56 PM
    So he exposed Gene Simmons as a liar, awesome. I really like to read that. Where can i see it????
    13-06-2010, 03:34 PM
    OMG isn't this guy "twisted vision" from "MJ Star",,,, he worships Roger Friedman and he is one of his big supporters... he was trying to brainwash the fans that MJ is gay, faking the vitilago and lupus strory. if MJ read his posts he would punch him in the face.

    even karen faye deleted him from her fan page because the fans were offended by his comments.

    i know that he is a big and loyal fan of MJ but still he has very bad veiws, and the change of heart might be similar to that of his idol "Fishman".
    13-06-2010, 05:14 PM
    OMG isn't this guy "twisted vision" from "MJ Star",,,, he worships Roger Friedman and he is one of his big supporters... he was trying to brainwash the fans that MJ is gay, faking the vitilago and lupus strory. if MJ read his posts he would punch him in the face.

    even karen faye deleted him from her fan page because the fans were offended by his comments.

    i know that he is a big and loyal fan of MJ but still he has very bad veiws, and the change of heart might be similar to that of his idol "Fishman".

    well, yes, its him.
    But he is very supportive ... so far...
    Its his perspective of seeing Michael, he has the right to have his opinion and view.
    Just because he was/is negative with some issues, its OK. Why not. Michael was just a human being with (doing) mistakes.
    13-06-2010, 05:23 PM
    So he exposed Gene Simmons as a liar, awesome. I really like to read that. Where can i see it????

    OMG isn't this guy "twisted vision" from "MJ Star",,,, he worships Roger Friedman and he is one of his big supporters... he was trying to brainwash the fans that MJ is gay, faking the vitilago and lupus strory. if MJ read his posts he would punch him in the face.

    Where have you read this? I have read many of his blogs and I didn't see anything like that in them. I've always found his writing very supportive of Michael.
    13-06-2010, 09:03 PM
    these fans are all insane imo.


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