Why Has Brandi Jackson's Alleged Relationship to Wade Robson Only Just Materialised?

I finally got around to watching "Neverland Firsthand: Investigating the Michael Jackson Documentary". The Telegraph called it a "ludicrous rebuttal strictly for the truthers" and gave it 1 star out of 5. I can see why, as within a couple of minutes the documentary regurgitates one of the oldest fan myth that the multimillion dollar settlement Jordan Chandler received didn't come from Jackson, but instead a mysterious insurance company.

The director, Eli Pedraza, talks on the telephone to Scott Ross, a private investigator for Thomas Mesereau and the defence in 2005. Pedraza a kind of where's Waldo lookalike, starts off his documentary by showing the spliced together audiotape via Jackson's personal paid thug and now convicted criminal, Anthony Pellicano, which is intended to portray Evan Chandler, Jordan's father as a money hungry extortionist.

Pedraza questions Ross over the Jordan Chandler settlement, and whether it was a sign of Jackson's guilt only for him to reply that Michael Jackson never paid the huge multimillion dollar settlement, it was an insurance company.

His exact words are: "the money that was paid out to Jordan Chandler didn't come from Michael Jackson, it came from his insurance company. Have you ever had a car accident, and you say... but it wasn't my fault? The insurance company doesn't give a shit. They make a decision, and they do what they want to do. Everybody's going, but if he didn't do this... why is he paying this family $20 million? He didn't do it, the insurance company did."

This is completely false. The money was paid directly by Jackson, even the man Scott Ross worked for, Thomas Mesereau agrees that no insurance company was involved in the multimillion dollar settlement. Scott Ross has also been caught lying about James Safechuck, when he claimed he was a nonentity.

Read more about the settlement  here: How Jackson’s lawyers lied and got away with it.

Anyway, let's move on to Brandi Jackson who features in the documentary and boldly claims that she had an alleged relationship with Wade Robson for over 7 years, after meeting in 1991 when she was roughly 9 or 10 years old.

This alleged relationship has been heavily used by herself, and her cousin Taj Jackson to discredit Wade Robson's allegations in both his civil complaint and Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland.

Exactly why the alleged relationship would discredit Wade's allegations doesn't add up, as firstly, Wade, nor any other boy alleged that Jackson molested them in front of others, and secondly Wade, Brandy and Jackson probably never spent more than one night together in the same room (more on that later).

According to Brandi Jackson Wade had developed a crush on her, and asked her uncle if he would arrange a situation so they could get to know each other. Jackson did this and they both met together at Neverland Ranch along with Wade's family where after a week, Wade asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes.

Brandi Jackson goes on to say that through the entire 7 plus year relationship they were good friends, very supportive of one another, and very close. "We were always at each other's houses, our mothers were friends and this went on for years, and everything was fine until he became about 17 or 18 years old, and I started to see his behaviour change. He started to cheat on me and when confronted, he would deny it and claim he was working on a project or doing something else".

Brandi Jackson certainly impresses in the documentary that her and Wade were very close, the relationship was genuine, especially when both of them hit their teens, and the whole family got along.

The biggest criticism by both Brandi and Taj Jackson and something that has been fully weaponised, is that none of this is mentioned in Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland, which somehow proves Wade is lying about being sexually molested by Michael Jackson from the age of 7 to 14.

Brandi Jackson reiterates this on her Twitter account:

However, with Wade being listed as a potential victim by the prosecution in the 2005 molestation trial, and repeatedly asked by both the prosecution and defence whether Jackson sexually abused him, it's baffling why Brandi as a fully grown woman, the same age as Wade Robson didn't provide an alibi for her former alleged boyfriend.

Whether or not their alleged relationship had allegedly gone sour after Wade allegedly cheated is irrelevant. This was the chance not just to protect her uncle, but also to ensure the truth was served. That alleged truth remained a secret right up until the release of Leaving Neverland and when the Jackson family cash cow was threatened. Suspicious or what?

Even more bizarre is that the compulsive bullshitter, Scott Ross, whose job was essentially to uncover any evidence that would insure Jackson remained a free and innocent man, was unaware that his "star" defence witness had the perfect alibi in Brandi Jackson, who would be able to comfortably rebuff claims by the prosecution that Jackson sexually abused her alleged boyfriend.

Let's move on to the 2005 trial transcripts, and see whether Brandi Jackson was integral part of Wade's life or not. During cross-examination Wade is asked whether any girls stayed in Jackson's bed.

24 Q. Were there ever any girls, other than your
25 sister, at age seven, who actually spent the night
26 in Mr. Jackson’s room with you during the years that
27 you knew him and spent the night in his room?
28 A. Yes. 9122
1 Q. Who?
2 A. There was Brandy Jackson.
3 Q. I’m sorry?
4 A. Brandy Jackson, who is Michael’s niece.
5 Q. And she spent the night on how many
6 occasions with you?
7 A. Only one that I can remember.
8 Q. One night?
9 A. Yeah.
10 Q. All right. So we’re talking about a period
11 of about five years; is that right?
12 A. Yeah.
13 Q. In the five years, you can remember Brandy.
14 Who else do you recall?
15 A. As far as females?
16 Q. Yes.
17 A. My sister. Brandy. That’s all I remember.
18 Q. Now, your sister actually never went back
19 into that room and spent the night with you after
20 that first week when you were seven; is that
21 correct?
22 A. Yeah, not that I can remember.

Now, if I take a leaf out of Jackson truthers book and quote that Wade was under oath, we have to face the fact that he was telling the truth in that Brandi Jackson only ever spent one single night in the same room with him and Jackson. Despite Brandi's claims that they were a couple, and one big happy family for a 7 plus year period there is no mention whatsoever of this in the courtroom. Not even Jackson himself attempted to whisper into his lawyers ear to reveal the big revelation.

Wade is asked more questions about the sleepovers and Brandi Jackson:

5 Q. Now, you said your sister would sometimes
6 stay in Mr. Jackson’s room, correct?
7 A. Yes.
8 Q. And how often do you recall that happening?
9 A. I remember it just within that first trip we
10 were there. So it was -- it was, you know, three or
11 four nights or something like that.
12 Q. And you mentioned Brandy. Is that who you
13 mentioned?
14 A. Yes.
15 Q. Who was Brandy again?
16 A. She was Michael Jackson’s niece.
17 Q. You saw Brandy staying in his room?
18 A. Yeah.
19 Q. What’s the largest number of kids you ever
20 saw stay in Mr. Jackson’s room, if you remember?
21 A. Yeah, probably four to five. 

Transcript: https://www.mjfacts.com/wade-robson-testimony/

Again, no mention of Brandi Jackson being Wade's former long-term girlfriend. In fact, the prosecution nor the defence seem to know who Brandi Jackson is. During the questioning of his mother, Joy Robson and sister, Chantal Robson, Brandi Jackson isn't mentioned once, despite her now claims that her mother and Joy were close friends.

I would also question why Brandi is so confident in claiming Wade's behaviour change dramatically in his late teens and led to him cheating on her left, right and centre, followed by lies and deception.

As the below tweet shows, Brandy Jackson is 100% positive that Wade Robson can't be trusted.

Despite this, she along with her family who must have been aware of Wade's alleged shoddy antics, had no problems whatsoever about him being called up as a defence witness just a few years later in 2005. The man who allegedly cheated on her. The man who allegedly lived a life of lies and deception. The man who is an allegedly opportunist, was called up to ensure her uncle's freedom!

You can't make this shit up!

Neither Brandi or Taj Jackson are the brightest stars in the sky. Both have tried to pull of a Chewbacca defence from the "Chef Aid" South Park episode, where a fictional Johnnie Cochran talks load of bollocks to create doubt and confusion. Even Dan Reed disputed the claims that they were a couple of 7 plus years.

I have no problem in accepting they had an on and off childhood relationship, but the idea that somehow she would have sensed it, as a young little girl that her equally young little boyfriend was being sexually abused by her uncle, despite only ever spending one night in their company is where things get ridiculous.

By Brandi Jackson's own admission, any relationship with Wade was so irrelevant that it wasn't even worth mentioning in her own uncles, 2005 criminal trial. By her own admission she never raised any concerns that Wade Robson had allegedly been cheating, lying and exploiting any opportunity he laid his eyes by his late teens. By her own admission, a 22-year-old Wade Robson was credible enough to defend her precious uncle just 3 or 4 years after all of this.

If she is telling the whole truth, then she withheld vital information that Wade's behaviour dramatically changed his late teens to the point that he had become the master of deception, which, if anything would validate his claims that Jackson taught him how to lie.

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