😲 Piers Morgan Described Michael Jackson and Jordan Chandler As an Intimate Couple

Piers Morgan is a firm favourite with Jackson stans, especially after giving Dan Reed a hard time, on Good Morning Britain and making the following tweet:

Perhaps due to their own warped nature, and universal support for unrelated man/boy sleepovers, most Jackson stans fail to realise Piers Morgan is the ultimate narcissist and provocateur, who would literally argue with his own shadow, if it made him the centre of attention.

Despite sucking up to members of the Jackson family and remaining sceptical over the latest allegations in recent months, Piers Morgan did in fact express great concerns over Michael Jackson's behaviour in the early-1990s.

In a video I originally found on Twitter, Piers Morgan, discusses Michael Jackson's behaviour with Jordan Chandler at the world music awards in Monaco, 1993, and specifically states that Jackson and Jordan look like they were having a sexual relationship.

In the video, he says the following:

"We didn't see the mother from day one, she just was not part of the story at all. But we did see the boy and the sister and Jackson repeatedly on top of houses waving to people and stuff like this. Anyway, 3 days past, and the concert came along. I was sitting literally 5 rows away from Jackson, who was one of the first to sit next to Prince Albert and for 2 hours he sat with that boy [Jordan] on his knee. And this is not a very, very young boy, not a 3-year-old, this is a 13-year-old boy and almost fully developed teenage boy sitting on his knee. Jackson was holding him like this, his hands were on his legs, it was rather tactile behaviour. He was hugging him laughing and joking with him, laughing and encouraging the bands and giving his views. The boy and him seemed like a very close friends, almost like they were having a relationship."

Unlike his usual obnoxious self, Piers Morgan is very calm in the video and makes it quite clear that he saw with his own eyes, a 35-year-old Jackson looking very, very cosy with a 13-year-old boy. So cosy, that the behaviour he saw is only something you would see between an intimate adult couple.

Footage of Piers Morgan is regularly used by Jackson stans, whether it's on social media or in anti-Leaving Neverland videos. The Jackson estate recently released a 32 minute misinformation and propaganda YouTube vidoe titled: Lies of Leaving Neverland, which includes footage of Piers Morgan giving Dan Reed a hard time.

I wonder if these pro-paedophilia idiots would have put Piers Morgan on a pro-Jackson pedestal if they knew what he had said back in the mid-1990s? Probably not.

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