The Real Michael Jackson Documentary

A new documentary titled: "The Real Michael Jackson" was aired on BBC 2 on Sunday, 29 March, 2020. This is the fourth Jacko-related documentary from Jacques Peretti, who made the excellent "Michael Jackson: What Really Happened" back in 2007. While this new documentary doesn't bring much new information to the table, it does feature some very interesting interviews, including Ron Zonen, one of the lead prosecutor's in 2005.

If you live in the UK, you can watch the documentary on the BBC iPlayer,

Is the (@IAmBrettBarnes) Twitter Account a Fake?

A Twitter account with the handle: @IAmBrettBarnes was created all the way back in August 2010. This account claims to be the Brett Barnes, from Melbourne, Australia, who had a close and bed sharing relationship with Michael Jackson from the age of 9 to 19.

Brett Christopher Barnes, who would now be around 38 years old, accompanied Jackson on many of his trips and tours across the Americas, Europe and Africa, and spent over 450 nights in Jackson's private bed, most of them as a preteen, according to his own 2005 testimony.

Jenny Winings: Another Gaping Hole Appears in Danny Wu’s Square One

I came across a great video from a YouTube channel called MJ Not Innocent. Absolutely no affiliation to this blog, by the way.

This short video contains one of Square One subjects and Michael Jackson super stan, Jenny Winings, who Danny Wu presents as a credible source, as she is listed on the defence witness list.

One of many things that isn't mentioned within Square One, is that the defence witness list was a bit of a joke in itself. The defendant (a.k.a. Michael Jackson) provided a list 454 witnesses, of which only 64, gave a statement.

Is Taj Jackson Running a Fraudulent GoFundMe Campaign? is an online platform that allows members of the public to raise monetary funds for pretty much anything, whether it's a personal project or funds to treat a medical condition.

GoFundMe since its inception, in 2010, has raised and distributed over $5 billion to its users. Somebody who's now taking advantage of that generosity is Michael Jackson's nephew, Taj Jackson, who in January 2019, launched a campaign called: "The Truth Runs Marathons", where he is seeking a massive $777,000 target (about £656,000) to fund a series of documentaries, which he claims will dispel myths that his uncle was a predatory child molester.

Charles Thomson and the Dubious Sodium Amytal Story Plus Conspiracies

I had been planning to make a full blog post analysing the recent pro-Jackson YouTube documentary: Square One. I haven't had the time nor motivation to get around to it at the present moment, but I'll get there eventually.

In the meantime, I thought I'd ask its main participant, Charles Thomson, about his bold claim that Evan Chandler, successfully drug his son, Jordan Chandler, with the potentially lethal sodium Amytal, and implanted months and months of detailed sex abuse details within his son's head who was then able to outfox a series of law enforcement officers and social workers.

Charles Thomson makes no mention within Square One that the original story comes from TMZ's Harvey Levin while working for KCBS-TV and spiced up and weaponised by Mary Fischer in a GQ Magazine from October 94.

I only intended to establish some basic facts about the dubious story, but it wasn't long until I was subjected to the Jacko State Media misinformation machine, with Charles Thomson claiming, among many things that: the authorities involved in the 93/94 case were prepared to accept Jordan's allegation at face value, and even bullied and blackmailed other children who had one-on-one contact with Jackson into making a fake confession that he molested them with the threat that they had photographic evidence of their actual abuse, which would be used against them. If that wasn't outrageous enough, Charles Thomson also claims that JC's allegation was the result of "Satanic Panic" a series of false allegations that swept through the United States in the 80s and early 90s, which according to him, was induced by sodium Amytal.

This is my complete email(s) that I sent to his address ( on the 4 December, 2019. Screenshots are also below each individual email.

It's a long read but well worth it.