The Tell-Tale Splotch: Debunking Michael Jackson's Fact Vault

Twitter user, Michael Jackson Fact Vault @MJsFact_Vault

Physical evidence in sexual assault cases are extremely rare, and in most cases, evidence consists of nothing more than the victims word. When Michael Jackson was accused of molesting a then 13-year-old Jordan Chandler in 1993, Jordan described discolouration on Jackson's lower torso, including a dark blemish on the underside of his penis.

The fact that Thomas Sneddon, the lead prosecutor in the 2005 trial was prepared to put these photographs and Jordan's description in front of a judge and jury - photos that Michael Jackson's legal team objected to - should be more than enough to convince a normal person that there was extremely strong, if not perfect match.

Michael Jackson: The False Accuser

Michael Jackson: The False Accuser

My first real introduction into Michael Jackson and his bizarre world was the 2003 Martin Bashir documentary titled: Living with Michael Jackson. Prior to that, I knew very little about the man himself, let alone his penchant for sleeping in bed with young boys, or the huge 1993 multi-million dollar settlement.

Square One: Danny Wu and Charles Thomson's False Portrayal of Anthony Pellicano

Danny Wu, Charles Thomson and Anthony Pellicano

I had been planning to make more post about the so-called documentary, Square One, and why it's full of holes, inconsistencies and blatant misinformation. But I never got around to doing it due to lack of time and motivation. I did, however, start a short one late last year and finally got round to finishing it.

Here it is....

After the bizarre introduction of Josephine Zohny, who supposedly knew a great deal of Jordan Chandler's intimate thoughts during his alleged education at a New York University, and a few dubious claims about the FBI files (amongst other things), the documentary moves on to Anthony Pellicano and the recorded conversation between Evan Chandler and Jordan's stepfather, David Schwartz.

Fund Taj Jackson by Buying Victim Blaming Merchandise

Oh boy, here we go again. I came across a link on a private Twitter thread a few weeks ago, which directed me to a website that was selling Michael Jackson merchandise (well, kind of).

This merchandise isn't celebrating Michael Jackson's achievements within the music industry, but instead carries the slogan: "Facts Don't Lie, People Do" and #TheTruthRunsMarathons in reference to Taj Jackson's as of yet unpublished documentary series.

You've probably heard of the "Facts Don't Lie, People Do" slogan before, and it appeared for a very brief period on a number of London buses after the release of Leaving Neverland, before swiftly being removed after widespread condemnation, including Survivors Trust a charity for survivors of sexual abuse. The man behind that vile campaign was former Big Brother contestant, Seany O'Kane, who still continues to spread misinformation through his website:

Charles Thomson's Appalling Double Standards on Racism

When I made my first post on Charles Thomson, and his glaring factual inaccuracies about Leaving Neverland, I had very little knowledge about who he was, or what he was really about. Yes, I knew he was a Michael Jackson stan, but even by obsessive fan standards, this 30-something-year-old is scary in his defence of Jacko.