Mike Smallcombe Claims He's Found Discrepancies in Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland, but Has He?

It appears that Michael Jackson's, hate filled loonies have a new Messiah in Mike Smallcombe. Smallcombe, a tabloid journalist from Newquay, Cornwall, released a pro–Jackson book titled: "Making Michael" back in 2016, and presumably sees nothing wrong with unrelated  grown men enticing unrelated children into their private quarters and bed.

Smallcombe claims to have discovered holes in the recent Leaving Neverland documentary directed by Dan Reed, and its subjects, Wade Robson, James Safechuck and their families.

This, unsurprisingly, has led to Jackson truthers frantically quoting his "findings" through social media, forums, and pretty much anywhere else, you'll find them.

But what exactly has Smallcombe allegedly uncovered, and is it truthful, or a one-sided misinformation campaign intended to create the usual doubt, confusion as well as hatred towards Jackson's accusers?

Facts Don't Lie. MJInnocent.com People Do

Facts don't lie. People do. That's the slogan of mjinnocent.com, yet another Michael Jackson fan website, specifically designed to pour doubt and confusion over the allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, and the makers of Leaving Neverland.

Despite the "MJInnocent Team" behind this website claiming they "wholeheartedly support victims of all types of abuse, including child sex abuse", they started their campaign well before the documentary was even aired, and have even secured funding to display ads promoting their controversial campaign across a small amount of London transport buses.

But does the MJInnocent Team really care about victims or the truth, or are they just another bunch of dysfunctional celebrity worshippers on yet another victim shaming campaign.

Below I will take a look at what they have written on their website, and whether it has any real truth. All the screenshots are from mjinnocent.com with my response below each one. If you're viewing this site on a mobile device, you can tap on each image to enlarge it.

MJinnocent.com Deluded Open Letter to Transport for London

MJinnocent.com, a website specifically designed to pour doubt and confusion over the allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck against Michael Jackson appeared on a number of London buses earlier this month (March 2019) before receiving widespread condemnation from the public and Survivors Trust, a charity that supports victims of child sex abuse.

The ads, which used the slogan," Facts Don't Lie. People Do." was later removed.

MJinnocent.com was created by a Northern Irish man, and former Big Brother contestant Seany O'Kane, who funded the campaign with a gofundme.com page.

The biggest problem with MJinnocent.com, which I highlighted in a lengthy post, is that the website contains very little facts, instead tries to discredit Wade and James through a malicious misinformation campaign, which isn't just shameful towards them, but all victims of child sex abuse.

After analysing MJinnocent.com I sent email to the owner, calling their website a blatant misinformation campaign and asked them to back up their "facts". I only got one reply back, which didn't answer any of my questions. I have since sent two emails and one tweet which have gone completely unanswered by the owner.

The Voice Online Is Promoting the Misinformation and Hate Website MJinnocent.com

The Voice Online, self-proclaimed Britain's favourite black newspaper, is now promoting MJinnocent.com, a misinformation website designed to create doubt, confusion and hatred towards Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

MJinnocent.com, which is run by a Northern Irish man, and former Big Brother contestant, Seany O'Kane.

The website and slogan "Facts Don't Lie. People Do." was recently seen across London buses, before being removed after severe criticism from the Survivors Trust, which supports victims of rape and child sexual abuse, said the adverts were "really inappropriate" and called for Transport for London (TfL) to take them down.

Seany O'Kane wrote on his Twitter account: "Dear all, I am excited to announce that from Thur 21st March, our campaign #MJINNOCENT will be advertised on the FRONT PAGE of the UKs 'Voice' newspaper."

Michael Jackson Had Semen Stains from Other Males on His Bed

During the 2005 investigation, it was revealed that the investigators found the DNA of other males on Jackson's bed, in the form of semen.

The seaman did not belong to Gavin or Star Arvizo. However, it could have come from other boys, as Jackson was known to befriend multiple young boys at the same time, while keeping them apart from each other. If not, it strongly suggests that Jackson was having sexual encounters with other men, something he always denied.

The official court document reads as followed:
DNA of Anyone other than Mr. Jackson
There are two DNA reports in this case.
The first DNA report says 3 male DNAs were found on Mr. Jackson's mattress. Of these 3 males, one was identified as Mr. Jackson. aka "male 1." The remaining 2 males were not identified. However, the report says that these 2 males are not the alleged victims in this case, i.e., Gavin Arvizo and Star Arvizo.
The second DNA report says a fourth male DNA was found in bed sheets. The bed sheets presumably were found in a laundry bag, along with underwear. The fourth male is unknown, but is not the alleged victim, i.e., Gavin Arvizo or Star Arvizo.
These DNA reports have no relevance to any of the charged crimes, particularly the alleged molestation, in this case. There is no nexus between Mr. Jackson's DNA and the alleged crime.

Yes, Jordan Chandler Did Accurately Describe Michael Jackson's Splotchy Penis

This is something that sends Jackson's propaganda and misinformation factory into complete meltdown. You've probably read many articles claiming that Jordan Chandler didn't accurately describe distinctive markings on Michael Jackson's penis, or that any match only existed in the head of Thomas Sneddon.

What's the truth?

Well we can say for certain that Jordan did under police supervision, make a drawing of Jackson's penis, and where one or more markings were located.

This was then compared to photographs that were taken of Jackson's penis.

For the record, Jordan's description and pictures of Jackson's genitalia have only ever been viewed and handled by the police. The description from Victor Gutierrez book titled: Michael Jackson Was My Lover is not the picture, Jordan sketched for the police.

Seany O'Kane's Wade Robson and James Safechuck Misinformation Campaign Removed from London Buses

Adverts for MJinnocent.com, a misinformation website believed to be run by former Big Brother contestant, Seany O'Kane, has been removed from London transport buses, after severe criticism from the Survivors Trust, which supports victims of rape and child sexual abuse, said the adverts were "really inappropriate" and called for Transport for London (TfL) to take them down.

The adverts appeared on London buses after a crowd funding campaign, which to date has raised £30,000. The man behind it all is believed to be a former Big Brother contestant and Jackson fanatic named, Seany O'Kane.

The website uses the slogan "FACTS DON'T LIE. PEOPLE DO."

The FBI Closely Monitored Michael Jackson for 10 Years Doesn't Quite Add up, and Here's Why

The Michael Jackson propaganda and misinformation troll factory on Twitter has been aggressively regurgitating a story which is predominantly aimed at the recent documentary, Leaving Neverland, and of course James and Wade.

In an ever so predictable attempt to silence and discredit those who accuse their beloved angel of wrongdoing, this time the Jackson troll factory has resorted to claiming that the FBI closely monitored Jackson over a 10 year or more period and found no signs of child molestation. This isn't exactly new material, by the way.

Dear MJ Apologists, This Is What You Actively Support

Are you one of those aggressive Michael Jackson apologists who viciously attacks anybody who doesn't believe he was 100% "innocence" or choose to engage in a Kremlin style misinformation campaign against his accusers?