Piers Morgan Described Michael Jackson and Jordan Chandler As an Intimate Couple

Piers Morgan is a firm favourite with Jackson stans, especially after giving Dan Reed a hard time, on Good Morning Britain and making the following tweet:

Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth Director, Jordan Hill, Cannot Validate the Authenticity of Matt Fiddes

Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth was released on the 13th of August on multiple online platforms such as Amazon video, YouTube and Google play, et cetera.

The anti-Leaving Neverland documentary directed by Jordan Hill and published by Entertain Me, unsurprisingly, portrays James Safechuck and Wade Robson as compulsive liars who have fabricated false molestation claims for financial gain.

Why Has Brandi Jackson's Alleged Relationship to Wade Robson Only Just Materialised?

I finally got around to watching "Neverland Firsthand: Investigating the Michael Jackson Documentary". The Telegraph called it a "ludicrous rebuttal strictly for the truthers" and gave it 1 star out of 5. I can see why, as within a couple of minutes the documentary regurgitates one of the oldest fan myth that the multimillion dollar settlement Jordan Chandler received didn't come from Jackson, but instead a mysterious insurance company.

The director, Eli Pedraza, talks on the telephone to Scott Ross, a private investigator for Thomas Mesereau and the defence in 2005. Pedraza a kind of where's Waldo lookalike, starts off his documentary by showing the spliced together audiotape via Jackson's personal paid thug and now convicted criminal, Anthony Pellicano, which is intended to portray Evan Chandler, Jordan's father as a money hungry extortionist.

Scott Ross Claims That James Safechuck Was a Nonentity Have Been Debunked

Ever since Dan Reed's Leaving Neverland was released back in March, Jackson truthers have been putting in more overtime than Vladimir Putin's misinformation troll factory.

After James Safechuck states in the documentary that Jackson telephoned him and asked him to testify on his behalf, only to refuse, which led to Jackson becoming angry, this was quickly questioned and allegedly debunked by a guy named Scott Ross.

Charles Thomson Makes Glaring Factual Inaccuracies regarding the Neverland Train Station and James Safechuck's Timeframe of Abuse

I'll be honest, I'm not that familiar with Charles Thomson. Sure, I've heard his name many times, and there's no doubt he's a Michael Jackson truther, and all-round obsessive fan.

The 30+ something year old "journalist" is popular within the I support unrelated man/boy sleepover community, and if you doubt Jackson's innocence on social media or forums, there's no doubt you'll eventually be spammed with one of his videos, or articles.