Michael Jackson Had Semen Stains from Other Males on His Bed

During the 2005 investigation, it was revealed that the investigators found the DNA of other males on Jackson's bed, in the form of semen.

The seaman did not belong to Gavin or Star Arvizo. However, it could have come from other boys, as Jackson was known to befriend multiple young boys at the same time, while keeping them apart from each other. If not, it strongly suggests that Jackson was having sexual encounters with other men, something he always denied.

The official court document reads as followed:
DNA of Anyone other than Mr. Jackson
There are two DNA reports in this case.
The first DNA report says 3 male DNAs were found on Mr. Jackson's mattress. Of these 3 males, one was identified as Mr. Jackson. aka "male 1." The remaining 2 males were not identified. However, the report says that these 2 males are not the alleged victims in this case, i.e., Gavin Arvizo and Star Arvizo.
The second DNA report says a fourth male DNA was found in bed sheets. The bed sheets presumably were found in a laundry bag, along with underwear. The fourth male is unknown, but is not the alleged victim, i.e., Gavin Arvizo or Star Arvizo.
These DNA reports have no relevance to any of the charged crimes, particularly the alleged molestation, in this case. There is no nexus between Mr. Jackson's DNA and the alleged crime.
The semen may not have come from Gavin or his brother, but it came from somewhere, and neither Jackson or his legal team were prepared to explain how it got there.

Semen to Cocaine
In yet more proof that Neverland was very un-child friendly, they also found traces of cocaine within Jackson's premises.

The official court document reads as followed:
Underwear & Cocaine
Mr. Jackson's underwear was found in a laundry bag, along with the bed sheets (discussed in section 13 above). This underwear had bloodstain and cocaine. A forensic lab for the Prosecution tested this underwear. No cocaine, however, was found in the blood.
Mr. Jackson has vetiligo. A medical injection he receives causes him to dispense blood. The underwear with the bloodstain reflects this fact.
It is unknown how and why the cocaine was found on the underwear. It may be evidence of contamination. In the alternative, someone may have brought cocaine during a fundraising party at Neverland in September 2003, where hundreds of people, including well-known celebrities, were present.

As you can see, Jackson's defence team tries to blame the cocaine on "visitors" possibly other celebrities that visited Neverland. However, the facts will tell us Jackson was a massive drug addict who played Russian roulette with his own life until his luck finally ran out.

Were the bloodstains on his underpants really from vitiligo injections, or from illegal drug use? Surely, if Jackson was having injections for vitiligo, they would be all over his body, not limited to his groin area.

The creepy part is a neatly folded sheet and a pair of underpants were stained with the semen of a third male who was not Jackson. Those items were stored with Jackson's own demerol-in-bloodstain-and-cocaine-dribbled underpants and...children's clothing, in particular socks, in a hotel bag.

There was quite a discussion between the attorneys, over the 14 items to leave out of court, because Mesereau claimed there is an injectable treatment for vitiligo; hence, the bloodstain, and Sneddon investigated that and confirmed there is no such thing. The mysterious substance in the vial proved to be demerol. It's more than a little obvious Jackson was shooting up his drugs. Mesereau certainly didn't want anyone to know his client was as drug addict. He tried to dispute Jackson's use of cocaine, which just so happened to be in the bloodstain.

Court document: http://www.sbscpublicaccess.org/docs/ctdocs/011805notmotexc14.pdf

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  1. Wow good information but i wonder tho. The bag laundry was full with soiled clothes and there was children's clothes also. Jackson has kids. Wouldn't those belong to his kids?


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