The Voice Online Is Promoting the Misinformation and Hate Website

The Voice Online, self-proclaimed Britain's favourite black newspaper, is now promoting, a misinformation website designed to create doubt, confusion and hatred towards Wade Robson and James Safechuck., which is run by a Northern Irish man, and former Big Brother contestant, Seany O'Kane.

The website and slogan "Facts Don't Lie. People Do." was recently seen across London buses, before being removed after severe criticism from the Survivors Trust, which supports victims of rape and child sexual abuse, said the adverts were "really inappropriate" and called for Transport for London (TfL) to take them down.

Seany O'Kane wrote on his Twitter account: "Dear all, I am excited to announce that from Thur 21st March, our campaign #MJINNOCENT will be advertised on the FRONT PAGE of the UKs 'Voice' newspaper."

The Voice Online has the banner across their front page, while ironically having a news story titled "We Can Stop the Cycle of Violence" directly above it.

I've contacted The Voice Online, making them fully aware that they are promoting a misinformation and hate campaign, which has already been removed by TfL.

I made a full post analysing earlier in the month (March), highlighting that the website contains very little "facts". I contacted the owner and made them fully aware of the post, and only ever received one reply back, which did not address any of my concerns or claims.

Seany O'Kane has refused to reply to to my last two emails, and my Twitter message.

I will post an update if or when The Voice Online replied back to me.

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