😪 Wade Robson Perfectly Explains Why He Defended Michael Jackson in 2005

In an interview given to the Victoria Derbyshire show, Wade Robson and James Safechuck give a very emotional interview detailing the horrific sexual abuse they received at the hands of Michael Jackson.

Wade, who defended Jackson in his 2005 criminal trial is universally seen as a liar and perjurer by Jackson apologists.

However, Wade perfectly explains why he falsely denied being abused by Jackson, both as a kid and as a adult in the interview.

Wade explains from day one that Jackson trained him on how to lie, how he made him feel like he was his best and only friend, and impressed on him that nobody could find out what they were doing unless there would both end up in jail.

He details on how Jackson would call him every day after the 93 allegations and prepare him on what to say when the police came knocking.

As an adult, Wade said he was terrified that people would find out what he and Jackson had been doing, because Jackson had made him believe he was complicit in the sexual activities, that he wanted it just as much as Jackson did. Wade was also about to get married at the time and didn't want such sordid details being revealed to his soon-to-be wife.

If you think long and hard about it Wade was really stuck between a rock and a hard place. If didn't defend Jackson in 2005, or through interviews after, but instead disappeared off the face of this earth and gave no comment whatsoever, that in and of itself is an admission that something went on, something he felt very uncomfortable with. If he feels he was complicit in the sexual activities, something that had been hardwired into his head from such a young age by Jackson, then, yes, of course, he's going to defend him, not because it's right but because he doesn't want the world or his family to know what really went on.

It was a similar case with Brett Barnes, somebody who spent 400+ nights in bed with Jackson. Rather than give a convincing testimony that his relationship with Jackson was completely innocent, he was more concerned that people may view him as being "gay".

Ron Zonen, a prosecutor in the 2005 trial who has tried many sex-abuse cases, recently said he understands why Wade and Jimmy have now come out years later, because victims disclose abuse on their terms, not necessary when you need them.

Yes, it can be hard to believe that somebody would actually defend their abuser, especially as adult. But the reality is, it does happen and it's called the Offender-Victim Bond, as documented in Child Molesters:A Behavioral Analysis.

You can watch the 24 minute interview in full at the following link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07299d6

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