This blog examines Michael Jackson's behaviour with young boys and the multiple allegations of child molestation made against him.

As human beings we are now far more understanding towards sexual abuse and how it happens than we were 10 or 20 years ago, especially after the exposure of individuals such as Bill Cosby, Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ian Watkins, Gary Glitter, Jerry Sandusky and Barry Bennell just to name a few.

We are also waiting for the outcome and fate of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and R. Kelly, who have all been accused of terrible sex crimes against children and adults.

Just like Jackson, many of those listed above were viewed universally positive in the public eye. But in reality they lived a very dark and sinister life, where they use their fame and fortune, to commit lewd sex crimes.

Take Jimmy Savile, for example. This was a man in the British public eye who could do no wrong. Somebody who raised millions for the less fortunate. Somebody who even raised funds to build an entire hospital wing. Yet after he died a barrage of allegations came forward detailing horrific sexual abuse. Abuse that was happening on hospital wards, BBC studios and pretty much anywhere where Savile went.

The man was an absolute monster. One of the worst sexual predators in British history, yet he got away with it and never spent a second in prison for his crimes.

Ian Watkins, the former front man of Welsh rock band, Lostprophets, somehow persuaded one starstruck fan to abuse her child on WebCam for his pleasure. Another one allowed him to sexually touch her 11-month-old baby. He also had child and animal pornography, some of which he had made himself.

It was a shocking case that still sends shivers down people spines.

Harvey Weinstein, a successful Hollywood movie producer, former friend of Barack and Michelle Obama now faces dozens of allegations of sexual abuse going back decades from female actresses. Actresses, which I think we all probably assumed were confident and strong, yet in reality were fragile and scared to speak out.

It documents how unbelievably complex sexual abuse is. How victims rarely, if ever, behave the way society expects them to.

In fact, Michael Jackson and his siblings made serious allegations against their father, Joe Jackson. Allegations of physical, mental and sexual abuse. Despite this, Jackson lived at home on and off up until his late 20s, alongside his father. He even walked side-by-side with him during his 2005 molestation trial.

I wonder why the fans or Thomas Mesereau don't question why Michael Jackson nor his siblings wanted justice, or accuse them of being liars because they didn't quite behave the way society expects them to? After all, the same seems to apply to Wade Robson and co-.

Despite Jackson's popularity and achievements in the music industry, he lived two very different lives. There was the singer, the celebrity, the Peter Pan character, the loving and gentle soul. Then there was the drug addict, the compulsive liar, the body dysmorphia, and the guy who craved one-on-one contact with young boys.

I personally wouldn't defend or support my father, my brother, my uncle or the guy down the street if they did what Jackson did and seduce and integrated themselves into somebody's else's family, for the only purpose of spending hundreds of one-on-one nights with their children. I'm sure the vast majority of the human population wouldn't either.

According to the disciples. Those who could be described as the so-called Islamic State of pop culture, Jackson's accusers and their families were only after one thing - money.

These individuals have no red lines when it comes to Jackson's questionable behaviour and see him as the perfect angel, an angel that must be protected at all costs.

They take the term "fake news" to a whole new level, and have dedicated years of their life spreading chronic misinformation against his accusers or anybody who doubts him, misinformation that even Vladimir Putin's troll army would be envious of.

This is why I've created this website. To stand up to these individuals. To show there is support for Jackson's accusers. To prove that there is in fact some sanity in this world and not everybody is a brain-dead celebrity worshipper.

Sure, I don't think the mothers or fathers who allowed Jackson one-on-one access to their children were perfect. I do, in fact, think they deserve universal condemnation for putting their children in such a precarious position. But where they master extortionists? Probably not.

Nobody forced Jackson to build a zoo and playground in his backyard. Nobody forced him to be around children. And nobody certainly forced him to invite young boys into his bed.

Jackson was obsessed with boys and went to great lengths to be with them. In most cases, he spent months if not years, grooming and seducing them into thinking it was normal to be his intimate friend.

If we take the 1993 allegation by Jordan Chandler and the following multimillion dollar settlement, for example. This was something that turned Jackson's world upside down. His name was plastered across the world's media for all the wrong reasons. He was allegedly devastated, completely destroyed, and had to make that settlement to get on with his life.

But did a 35+ year old Jackson turn over a new leaf? Did he hold his hands up and admit that his behaviour was totally inappropriate? Did he pledge to never invite a young boy into his private quarters again? No, he didn't. In fact, he was still enticing young boys into his bed while the police were investigating him.

Many apologists will natively say that Jackson is no longer here to defend himself, especially against the latest allegations, but the reality is Jackson throughout his entire adult life refused to be drawn into the subject matter and reality of pedophilia and child molestation. When he was 1st brought in for police questioning in the early 90s, he was reluctant to answer direct questions, and later pleaded the fifth in 1994, concerning the 93 case. He did the same before and during his 2005 trial.

Over a 30 year period Jackson simply wasn't interested in defending his textbook pedophile behaviour, nor did he ever acknowledge that he may have set a very dangerous precedent by encouraging unrelated man/boy sleepovers. Jackson, instead, simply called anybody who doubted him "ignorant".

"Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone. It's very charming. It's very sweet. It's what the whole world should do" are the very words of Jackson when questioned by Martin Bashir concerning his relationship with boys.

Most civilised people find that statement very disturbing, considering he had already dodged a bullet a decade earlier.

Of course, we can always say that will never know whether Michael Jackson was 100% innocent, or 100% guilty unless we were there. There is, by all means, a chance that he was just a monumental weirdo who had a creepy yet nonsexual obsession with young boys.

Either way, his child accusers deserve to be heard and taken seriously, and they were at the very least a victim of a selfish and deeply troubled man who should have he seeked psychological help, instead of luring them into his broken world.

With the #MeToo movement and so many high-profile celebrities, both alive and dead, being exposed as predatory sex abusers perhaps the road is now running out for Jackson's legacy and those who venomously defend his questionable behaviour.