This blog examines Michael Jackson's behaviour with young boys, and the multiple allegations made against him. I've been researching Jackson, or more specifically, his questionable behaviour with young boys for 10 years. There is no doubt in my mind that Michael Jackson was indeed a predatory serial child molester.

This blog also highlights that many of those who defend Jackson do so through a Kremlin style misinformation campaign, purely designed to create doubt, confusion as well as hatred towards his accusers. In fact, this is what prompted me to start this blog, after seeing the Leaving Neverland documentary, and its subjects, Wade Robson and James Safechuck being targeted by Jacko's Wackos, who tried everything to halt its release, and continue to discredit the documentary through a vicious misinformation campaign.

MJinnocent.com, in particular, caught my attention, not because the author was making valid points, but because it was such blatant misinformation campaign, deliberately misleading anybody who reads it into believing that Jackson's latest accusers, Wade and James, have chopped and changed their stories, and lied multiple times for financial gain. The truth is, they haven't, and both explain in Leaving Neverland, just how complex child sex abuse is, and why they defended their abuser.

Exactly why a small minority of people want to put Jackson on a pedestal and worship him to a point that they point-blank refused to believe he could do anything bad, is something I find difficult to understand. Obviously, mental health issues come to mind, and most of them certainly appear to have things like obsessive-compulsive disorder and/or multiple personality disorders. Despite that, there is no excusing their behaviour, and I believe they should challenged and exposed as the frauds they are.

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